Unique Functions Of Anchor Bolts And Their Installation Process

Facts About Anchor Bolts And Their Installation Process

Anchor Bolts And Their Installation Process
Anchor Bolts And Their Installation Process

The word anchor bolt and adjustable bolts had been mistaken severally by those in the non-engineering sector.

The important of knowing industrial tools and their functions clearing would help you in future when the need arises.

Modern designs in technology have made it possible for some anchor bolts to function as both anchor and adjustable bolts.

Anchor Bolts And Their Installation Process
Anchor Bolts And Their Installation Process

Anchor bolts are long threaded metals with round shapes like that of iron nails. Though they are larger in diameter, lengths, and sometimes different shapes; they are usually produced with hard metals like that of iron nails.

Anchor bolts are the major joints fixing and equipment installation tool which usually finds their application in the oil and gas stations’ structural erection.

Anchor bolts are used in manufacturing industries also, for the installation of their machines. History has it that, anchor bolts’ function is not limited to concrete foundation fixing of structures but has been used also in the functions like;

Anchoring of boats and small ships

Anchor Bolts And Their Installation Process
Anchor Bolts And Their Installation Process

Anchoring of horses

Making locks for heavy gates, etc.

These functions are performed according to the design and forging model of the anchor bolts.

However, the most popular use of anchor bolts had been for the installation of equipment, with the bolts inserted beneath the concrete foundation and have their threaded parts above the foundation for the purpose of anchoring the equipment with nuts inserted in the threaded parts of the anchor bolts.

Moreover, the adjustable bolts may have similar look and design with anchor bolts in most cases, especially in installation purposes.

The unique difference between these two bolts is that one is for fixing and the other for leveling purpose.

But modern changes have made possible for a single bolt to function as bolt anchor bolt and adjustable bolt which led to the misconception of the names and functions of the two different bolts.

Despite the interchangeable application of functions, there are still distinct properties that can differentiate anchor bolts from adjustable bolts, we shall start by listing the area of application of adjustable bolts and its working principle applications in engineering, which are:

Pumps and machine alignments

Motor screw jacks

Foundation leveling, etc.

These functions also depend on the design of the adjustable bolts. There had been increased design and functions of the adjustable bolts such that it can now have the same look with anchor bolt and performs its usual function on the foundation which is leveling of the foundation.


There are different types of anchor bolts that perform the function of adjustable bolts in foundation leveling, and these types shall be listed and experienced in our coming posts.

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