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21 Top Rated Engineering Schools in Nigeria


Facts About The Top Rated Engineering Schools in Nigeria

Studying engineering in Nigeria is not as difficult as you would think. Rather consider it fun. However, it depends on the choice of engineering, the school, and your determination in chasing a career in such a profession.

Many undergraduates studying engineering courses could complain of difficulty due to their inability to get prepared ahead of time for the challenges associated with the professional training. They tend to see engineering as every other course you could just study and obtain the certificate.

Engineering is not like most courses you see in the list of professions, studying engineering as well will not be the same as others. Here, the professional training will drag you to more practical and theoretical ways of solving problems.  This implies that everyday lecture has to be a combination of theory and practical.

The use of laboratories, workshops, and class illustrations had been a culture in teaching engineering students because it is believed that any engineering student is a critical thinker who analyzes problems and tries to use a practical physical approach to translate the analyzes into reality.

 In other words, engineering students are not only theory-oriented rather a combination of theory and practical.  Hence, any school offering engineering without adopting the two basic teaching patterns for engineers can be assumed to have less score in offering engineering courses.

Most times EngineeringAll team would receive private questions asking us to suggest the best school to study engineering in Nigeria. We believe these questions are coming from the young ones who are trying to make choice in their quest to study engineering in Nigeria. Well, this post is for you guys!.

We will be using this post to explain the right schools in Nigeria you should consider when it comes to studying of most engineering courses.

However, note that not all engineering courses are available in Nigeria and not all schools cover the vast options in mother engineering courses such as Agricultural engineering, Mechanical engineering, civil engineering, Electrical engineering, and chemical engineering, etc. Don’t worry we will explain better.

In engineering, there are what we refer to as mother engineering courses, these courses gave birth to other engineering courses. In other words, they were the early known engineering courses before others started springing up.

The new engineering courses were carved out from the mother engineering courses for instance:


The following engineering courses were carved out of mechanical engineering:

Metallurgical & Materials Engineering

Robotics & Automation Engineering

Mechatronic engineering

Aeronautical engineering

Corrosion engineering

Welding & fabrication engineering

Quality engineering

Manufacturing/production engineering

Power plants/maintenance engineering

And many others.


The following engineering courses were carved out of Civil engineering:

Structural engineering

Ceramic engineering

Environmental engineering

Facilities engineering

Quality engineering

Amd many others.


Electronics engineering

Computer engineering

Software engineering

Instrumentations and control

And many others.


Petroleum engineering

Polymer/plastics engineering


Nuclear engineering

And many others.


Agro-mechanical engineering

Agro-plants engineering

Ocean Engineering

And many others.

Though it may now be difficult to extensively distinguish many other branches of engineering I regard to the actual mother engineering it was carved out from, we believe that many are a combination of one or two or entirely a new concept in the engineering approach.

The course content can help you know the actual area of existing mother engineering that any option is related to or carved from.

Despite all the branches in engineering the basic concepts in their goal of solving problems remain the same and the teaching approach remains the same in all.

This post will guide you properly to make the right choice of school in studying any engineering course in Nigeria.

In the list of Nigerian schools, there are many offering engineering courses but only a few offer specialized teachings (theory and practical) in the chosen engineering courses they offer.

As we earlier said, no school in Nigeria engineering offers all the branches of engineering rather they mainly offer the mother engineering courses and specialize the students to a particular field in the course.

The above explanation means you should be willing to choose your engineering career in the listed mother engineering courses above and then search further the chosen school to see if they offer any special/carved engineering course of your choice.


The 21 Top Rated Engineering Schools in Nigeria

When it comes to schools in Nigeria offering: Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical, Agricultural, and civil engineering, the following tops the list.

FUTO  (Federal University of Technology Owerri)

This school comes first on our list due to its outstanding records in producing cutting-edge engineering graduates who are almost in all the industries in the country and beyond which is believed to be a product of the quality transfer of knowledge. The school is well known for practical and theoretical teachings in all its engineering programs.

FUTA (Federal University of Technology Akure)

This school made our second on the list through its long history of sound engineering programs. The school has been able to produce cutting-edge engineering graduates that can be seen in almost every industry in Nigeria and beyond. They are also good in practical and theoretical teachings.

UNN (University of Nigeria Nsukka)

This is one of the oldest schools in Nigeria offering a wide range of programs that cover the vast majority of engineering programs. The school has produced numerous engineers that are now lecturers in many schools and workers in most engineering companies in Nigeria.

UNN has also produced many engineers who later diverted to other professions. The practical and theoretical approach is not hidden due to the vast practical and theoretical knowledge of her engineering graduates.

UNIPORT (University of Port Harcourt)

This university made our fourth list after a thorough inspection of their facilities and ability to introduce other new engineering programs such as Mechatronic engineering, etc. The school has produced many engineers working mostly in the oil and gas sectors as well as other sectors of the economy.

FUTMINA (Federal University of Technology Minna)

This school is a highly equipped engineering school and would be our number five on the list. The school has modern facilities, laboratories, and workshops that cover all areas of engineering offered in it. The school also has a good record of practical and theoretical teachings.

PTI (Petroleum Training Institute, Effurun)

This is the sixth on our list. PTI is a specialized institute for engineering programs only which has many special engineering programs such as Instrumentation and control engineering, welding and fabrication engineering, etc. the school has well-equipped laboratories and workshops and is highly cultured in teachings and academic grading.

Vast numbers of oil and gas workers in Nigeria are PTI engineering graduates or those who had undergone any of her short-term programs.

UNILAG (University of Lagos)

This school comes seventh on our list due to its long record of offering good numbers of engineering programs and ability to adopt the good practical and theoretical methods of teaching. UNILAG has produced good numbers of engineering graduates in Nigeria and many of them can be found in industries and other sectors of the economy.

UI (University of Ibadan)

This school comes eighth on our list due to its age and stability. UI is the first university and probably among the first to start offering engineering programs. The school has been able to gather enough momentum in the area of engineering with facilities that support practical and theoretical teachings.

The school has graduated a vast number of engineering students. UI graduates can be seen in almost all sectors of the economy.

UNIBEN(University of Benin)

This school comes ninth on the list due to its outstanding records in covering a wide range of engineering programs. The school has been able to provide suitable laboratories and workshops to cater to the engineering programs. Many lecturers and industrial workers are UNIBEN graduates.

OAU (Obafemi Awolowo University)

This school comes tenth due to the long history of engineering programs offered in it and the ability to gather facilities and related supports for the engineering programs offered in it. The school has graduated many engineers since the resumption of the engineering programs.

UNIZIK (Nnamdi Azikiwe University)

This school comes eleventh in our list of engineering schools in Nigeria due to the vast areas covered by the school in terms of mother engineering programs. The school has highly practically oriented staff that had worked on the field and retired to teach in classrooms. With good facilities, the school has graduated a good number of engineering students

UNILORIN (University of Ilorin)

This school comes twelfth on the list due to good structures and the ability to install modern laboratory and workshop equipment for practical teaching of all the engineering programs offered in it. The school is believed to be the next competitive engineering school due to facilities upgrades.

LAUTECH (Ladoke Akintola University of Technology)

As the name implies, the school is technologically inclined in all the courses offered in it and has been able to install facilities to support the programs. As a rising Engineering school this school with modern facilities that makes our thirteenth number in the list.


Yabatech is a popular school known to offer a vast number of engineering programs with highly-rated teaching methods and equipment and the ability to produce cutting-edge graduates in engineering. This school makes our number fifteen in the list.

ESUT (Enugu State University of Technology)

This is one of the state universities of technology known to challenge federal counterparts. With highly erected infrastructures, workshops, and laboratories. This school seems to be the next place for future engineering students if everything I maintained.

The school offers a vast number of engineering programs and has good teaching methods that incorporate practical and theory. The school makes our number sixteenth in the list.

RUST (Rivers State University of Technology)

Located inside the center of Port Harcourt with vast engineering programs. The school makes our number seventeen in the list due to good academic arrangements, structures, and vast engineering programs offered in it.

ANSU (Odimegwu Ojukwu University formerly Anambra State University)

This school makes our number eighteenth in the list due to the ability to offer highly rated engineering programs. The school has good equipment and facilities for most basic engineering programs and has a good number of engineering students.

FUPRE (Federal University of Petroleum Resources)

This school made our number nineteenth in the list due to its ability to incorporate a good number of engineering programs within the sort period of her establishment in 2009.

The school is equally growing in terms of infrastructures, equipment, and staff strength to back up the vast number of engineering programs offered in it.

CRUST (Cross Rivers State University of technology)

This school made our twentieth on the list due to its good structures and the ability to incorporate a good number of engineering programs.

IMT (Institute of Management Technology)

 This school is popular known for offering engineering and related programs. The school makes our twenty-first in the list because of its ability to produce a good number of graduates in engineering who rather proceed to other schools to further their engineering careers.


The above list is not the only school in Nigeria offering engineering programs. However, based on our record, it appears that these ones have something that made them unique.

If you are looking for the best engineering schools in Nigeria, then you could consider checking the schools listed above in their individual websites or pay a physical visit to the school to see what they have for the course you intend to study.

We hope this post is very helpful, if yes, please share it with others on your social media platforms.

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