How To Carry Out Simple Maintenance In Electric Cooking Stove

Why You Need to Understand the Simple Maintenance In Electric Cooking Stove

Simple Maintenance In Electric Cooking Stove
Simple Maintenance In Electric Cooking Stove

If you have condemned many electric cooking stoves due to faults this post will be of great help to you. When a research was conducted recently in most condemned electric stoves picked by electronics recyclers.

It revealed that over 80% of the electric stoves have their burners also called heaters working perfectly, the reason found for throwing most of them away are listed below:

Simple Maintenance In Electric Cooking Stove
Simple Maintenance In Electric Cooking Stove

Bridged wire in the cord > 15%

Damaged bimetallic strip (heat regulator)> 10%

Burnt iron wire insulators near the burner leading to direct contacts> 15%

Internal disconnection due to melted wire > 43%

Rusting of the metallic parts of the stove >10%

Damaged burner connecting port > 7%

Simple Maintenance In Electric Cooking Stove
Simple Maintenance In Electric Cooking Stove

These damaged stoves can easily by repaired and put back to use in all the above faults except the last two mentioned faults which are the case that the burner connecting port is not available or permanently broken, but the situation in which such occur is very minimum.

Another fault is where the major supporting metallic parts of the stove had been rusted away, which also has its occurrence at minimum.

Simple Maintenance In Electric Cooking Stove
Simple Maintenance In Electric Cooking Stove

Therefore it can be said that most disposed electric cooking stoves can be repaired, the only way for you to find out is by losing the stove by placing it on a plane surface and turning it upside down, since the major nut is located below the base in most brands.

By doing that ensure you have disconnected it from any form of power supply by removing the plug from the wall socket.

When you lose the inside you will notice the parts that seems like the one seen in the picture above, take your time and do not be in a hurry and ensure no one is around to distract you.

Looking at the opened part check for any visible evidence of burnt parts if none, then send it to an electrician because it may definitely be minor fault.

But if there appear to be a burnt part check it if the part burnt is the only leading port to the burner, if it is then disposing the stove may be the only option but if there is burn but not in that port, then it is a minor fault that can be repaired by a good electrician.

However, in a situation where there is no electrician within to do such work and you have instrument like multiple meters and testers spanner, then I could assist you in ways you could trace the fault by visiting this post and requesting for such help.

Meanwhile, in the meantime these are what you are expected to do;

Having removed the stove plug from source power, push the meter setting knob to “ohm” that is the black calibrated area that has symbol that looks like ear phone.

If you are at that setting the confirmation test is that when you touch the two wire terminals i.e. “the positive and the negative wires attached at the meter” the meter will read the resistance in the connection.

Note that the meter will need battery to perform this function so ensure there is battery in it, having tested and seen that the meter is working properly, it is time to proceed in repairing your damaged electric cooking stove.

First, place one terminal at the neutral port in the stove head plug and then use the other terminal to check for connectivity of that port at the visible and non-insulated part of the wires in the inside of the stove just beside the burner.

When you touch any of the wire and one is making the meter to read then that very wire is good and in working condition but if not then the wire had disconnected inside as a result of burn or twist.

But if the both wires in the stove is showing the meter reading while the other terminal is placed at only one port, then the two wires (neutral and live) are touching each other inside.

Simple Maintenance In Electric Cooking Stove
Simple Maintenance In Electric Cooking Stove

In any of these situation the only option is to change the electric stove cord including the plug, but if such resource is not available you may proceed with the test further until you locate the actual point the disconnection or direct contact is occurring cut it off and reconnect good parts together using black tapes to insulate them properly.


If you try or wants to try this contact us through this post for assistance. With this post we believe your rate of disposing of electric stoves will be reduced.

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