Features of A New Nano Robot Made For Drug Delivery Into Human Body

Nano Robot Made For Drug Delivery Into Human Body

Nano Robot Made For Drug Delivery Into Human Body
Nano Robot Made For Drug Delivery Into Human Body

The seeker has unveiled a 2-centimeter flat rubber-like silicon material Nanorobot made exclusively for drug delivery into the human system. The microrobot has a resemblance of a caterpillar which is why it had been referred to as a caterpillar-like robot.

Its ability to make moves bot forward and backward without any visible power source has left nothing short from amazement to the analyzers.

Based on testing, the Nanorobot was able to deliver a sample of drug weighing up to 10mg to a far distance passing through the various organs in the human body to its targeted destination.

The distance traveled was measured to ascertain its speed and limit of operation. However, the details obtained so far has proved that it can possibly make a safe delivery of drugs into the human body though in a slow speed since its movement could be assumed to be within 1meter per hour.

In terms of benefit, the robot has been described as the future drug delivery system that could be used for patients in hospitals who may have lost consciousness and unable to take drugs by themselves.

It could indeed be an option in the future for administering drugs in an emergency situation. Indeed, it may revolutionize how the hospitals administer medicine in no distance time.

Its ability to move with the tiny pieces of legs makes it possible to pass through the hardest obstacles to reach areas of the human body.

It is built with a soft flat body having short pointy legs fixed on the body for easy locomotion. The legs which appear like hairs below its flat body helps the robot to navigate inside the human body effortlessly and be able to immerse itself in body fluids like blood and mucus.

The leg design and distribution arrangements into its fine legs appearance help the robot to have a little contact area with human organs in the body, making it possible to move frictionlessly through the body.

Based on design, the robot is made with a special material which appears to be from a rubber-like silicon material. The material has the ability to be tailored to different shapes and applications.

At the center of the material layer, there are traces of magnetic particles embedded into it.

The magnetic particles made it possible to remotely control the Nanorobot by applying electromagnetic force. The force prompts the robot to swing its body forward and side to side or turn at a 90-degree angle to avoid obstacles in its path.

The Nanorobot can also carry loads 100 times heavier than its own weight which is the equivalent of a human lifting a 26-seat minibus.

The research for a material that decomposes naturally is ongoing so that it can be used for the actual one that can be sent into the human body to deliver drugs.

The reason could be that such a robot may not be able to have its way back after the drug delivery into the human body.

This caterpillar-like robot may be the future of drug delivery. pic.twitter.com/6GQG246tGR

— Seeker (@Seeker) October 23, 2018

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