How Electricians Make Use of Drones(Video)

Illustrations on How Electricians Make Use of Drones

The technology behind drone making has reached its stable state making it possible to produce drones of varying designs, sizes, and strengths.

The evidence of well-understood working principles of drones has made it possible for more manufacturers to spring up unlike before now when few manufacturers are involved in the making of drones.

Despite the popularity, some fields of human life have not found good applications for drones. While the military use it for surveillance and military assault, the Agric industry uses it for farming operations such as watering and spraying pesticides, etc.

The entertainment industry uses it for shooting quality movies, the construction industry uses it for quick delivery of tools and other items, the logistic industry applies the drone in parcel delivery, and so are others with their diverse use of the drone.

Despite all these applications, one unique application of drone caught my attention and I thought of getting its video record and putting it down for us to watch.

Recently, an electrician was seen using a drone to fix an electric bulb. Unlike what was expected from drones, the use of drones to fi things on high walls like buildings could be a very good initiative that can take the making method and design of future drones into a different dimension just to fit the expectations of electricians.

The simple lightweight drone was used to fix an electric bulb in a very easy way using the remote control approach of the drone.

Though not all drones can perform this very function, it is possible to include the function in an existing drone by simply attaching a central moving unit with clamping arms.

Based on the design, the drone is specifically made to grab things using its arms mounted on the central top axis it is uniquely designed to effectively carry lightweight items such as electric bulbs.

The electrician inserts the bulb into the center of the drone arms, the arms grab the bulb.

The drone launch into fight operation lifts itself up to the location of the lamp holder and screws the bulb into the lamp holder. The operation is very simple and easy to do. It can be estimated to last only five minutes to execute the operation.

The video below shows the working pattern of the drone as it was used by the electrician.

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