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How an Indian Farmer Built a Customized Excavator (+video)

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How an Indian Farmer Built a Customized Excavator

Let us discuss how Mr. Ashwin Kumar built an excavator to aid his farming jobs. We will be looking at why the concept came, the farmer’s need of an Excavator, sizes and types of Excavators, designs of Excavators, and how Excavator can be made locally.

The concept of building an excavator

According to Ashwin’s documentary, the concept to build his own excavator became necessary when he found out the numerous problems coming from inaccessibility hired excavators due to impact of the COVID-19 which is still affecting every areas of occupations till date. He noted that prices of things went up including the cost of hiring excavators. Besides, he needs excavator for most pf his farming activities.

Another issue that gave birth to the concept is the nature of excavating jobs associated with his farming activities. As a result, a customized excavator will be very useful for his daily farming operations.

Why Farmers need Excavators

You may be asking if farmers actually need excavator. Well, the answer is yes! Farmers need excavator to execute some jobs associated with farming. From the clearing stage of farmland to the planting stage, stubborn trees and deep-rooted plants that need to be remove can be handled by an excavator.

In other words, excavator will help farmers to dig out deep-rooted plants and any stubborn trees that need to give way for the farm crops.

Another way excavator will be useful to farmers is leveling of soil. When farming in new land there are possibilities of uneven soil surface. To level the ground excavator will be use to cut down the high places in the land.

Another application excavator for farmer is the planting process. The use of excavator can reduce the stress in planting of some crops. Instead of dig holes, a mini-excavator shovel can do that with less time. Using excavator to plant crops like yam and plantain will be very easy when compared to manual process.

Given the above reasons, it is very obvious that Mr. Ashwin Kumar knows the benefits awaiting him if he could have one customized excavator for his farming operations.

Sizes and types of Excavators

When you hear the word ‘Excavator’ a lot of description could run into your mind due to the numerous sizes, designs, and models of excavators. Each type is meant for specific task description but the basic knowledge you will need here is that an excavator is any machine with shovel that enables you to dig and excavate the soil. It is usually powered by hydraulic systems and/or pneumatic systems.

Designs of Excavators

The factors that determine the design of any excavator is the job description meant for the excavator. The excavator use in mining field may have different design with a farming excavator, the same applies to excavators use in other areas of applications.

How Mr. Ashwin Built His Customized Excavator locally

According to Mr. Ashwin Kumar, he built his customized excavator locally using parts sources locally from the India markets. He was able to gather the right hydraulic pumps, hydraulic pistons, and other vital parts use in the excavator from the spare parts market in India.

After gathering the list of items needed, the flexible hose that will convey the hydraulics and their clipping units were made available as well.

With the help of suitable welding machine and fabrications equipment, he gathered the beams and start assembling according to the design of his excavator.

The end product is a customized excavator that can execute the exert excavation jobs that Mr. Ashwin will need.

The video below shows the practical demonstration of the excavator as it is operated by Mr. Ashwin Kumar.

Video of how an Indian Farmer Built a Customized Excavator

What do you think about this excavator? We will love to hear from you in the comment section.

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