Top 5 Common Computer Keyboard Problems and Their Solution

Computer Keyboard Problems and Their Solution

Computer Keyboard Problems and Their Solution
Computer Keyboard Problems and Their Solution

The keyboard of the computer is a very vital part that could make the operating of the system difficult when they develop fault.

But ensuring the keyboards do not develop fault is not easy due to the nature of the design and mode of operation for them, since most of them have spaces in-between each other, hence, making it possible for dust to find their way inside the existing space.

If your keyboard is giving you problems, the best way of approaching the solution is by checking the type of problem it is giving, some of the basic problems of keyboards are:

Computer Keyboard Problems and Their Solution
Computer Keyboard Problems and Their Solution

Strange noise in the system while trying to boot:

This is a strange audible sound you will hear in laptops, this sound will last for some seconds when the system is booting, that is a real signal of bad keyboard in the computer.

You may try to reduce the frequency of hearing that sound by detaching the keyboard flex from the laptop panel.

Clean it up thoroughly with clean wool or cloth dipped into a volatile liquid like fuel or mythilated spirit and allow it to dry up for about 1 hour and then refix it again and also try hitting off some dust particles in the keyboard.

Hanging of the mouse pointer:

This is the case where the pointer on the screen of your system will stop or unable to move after scrolling for some time or may not be able to scroll at all.

This problem sometimes may not be attributed to the keyboard as there seems to have no link between them, but discovery revealed that when the keyboard is very bad it can affect the pointer functionality.

Hanging of the keyboard inputs during typing:

This is the situation where the alphabets typed into the computer screen refuse to show up even when the keys had been hit repeatedly, this problem constitute 70% of most of the keyboard faults.

It can be attributed to many factors: such as low power supply to the system such that the keyboard voltage is very low, dust inclusion in the keyboard panel, possible entrance of liquid such as water into the keyboard panel, etc.

Word/alphabet repetitions during typing:

This is the situation where the words typed by the keyboard is repeated or alphabet typed is continuously written till it reaches the edge of the line.

The cause for this type of problem may be liquid penetration into the keyboard panel, or a particular keyboard is pressing itself unknowingly another cause may be possible loose screws of the keyboard making the keyboards’ button to have different setting levels.

Thereby making some higher than others and as so any little pressure will make the one with closer sitting to type first.

Repeated alphabets may also signify damage to the plastic panel of the keyboard.

The breaking of the keyboards’ buttons:

The breaking and falling off of keyboard button is a good sign of old age and over usage which shows the keyboard needs to be replaced, when the keys are falling off they are creating more space dust penetration which is one way the keyboard will die quicker.

So a good solution to it is using superglue to hold them in their position and make arrangement for the purchase of new keyboard.

And so many other faults seen in faulty keyboards.

There are simple ways of ratifying some of these problems which will aid you in ensuring that the keyboard is put back to use, but in severe cases, these techniques may not actually fix the problem rather sometimes they may only ease the faults without removing them completely.


Computer Keyboard Problems and Their Solution
Computer Keyboard Problems and Their Solution

Gently lose all the screws used in tightening the keyboards together, by turning it upside down making the back to face upwards. Remove the back cover and ensure the keys remain in their positions.

After that raise the plastic or rubber panel of the keyboard and use clean cloth or wool dipped into a volatile liquid like the methylated spirit to clean the panel thoroughly and allowing it to dry properly after about 1 hour then try and replace the whole thing the way they were when you loosen them and tightening the whole screw properly.

Having done that, try to use the keyboard again. Is the problem solved?

Also, try cleaning the USB PORTS of the keyboard using the same materials listed earlier, this method is for external keyboards, and check if the problem had stopped.

Note that sometimes external keyboard errors may occur when the system is not plugged in the direct power supply, so if the system is running with its battery try plugging it into any wall socket for AC current.

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