U.S. Technology Transfer Protection & Its Future Impact To China Economy

The U.S. Technology Transfer Protection

The U.S. Technology Transfer Protection
The U.S. Technology Transfer Protection

A U.S. senator from California, last month revealed his fears over what he termed “stealing of U.S. technologies” by the Chinese.

According to the senator, lots of U.S. technologies have been taken to China directly or indirectly through a systematic means.

According to him, some of the U.S. firms found China to be an economically friendly place for their production activities due to the low taxi benefits the country offers.

He further emphasized that those firm will soon lose their ground when indigenous Chinese companies will spring up to start producing the same products with them.

He believes such a situation would make the country change its law on tax which could make it difficult for the firms to survive the competition with indigenous firms.

The U.S. Technology Transfer Protection
The U.S. Technology Transfer Protection

The information dropped by the Senator showed the need for the U.S. to protect some of its technology from the current technology transfer, based on that major reason.

In the other hand, the Chinese technology has recorded tremendous growth over the few past years which has made them rank among the top technologically advanced nation in the world.

Their products which had been focused majorly on electronics, cars, telecommunications, and computer related products, etc. have reached many countries across the globe making the country fame and generating a good volume of revenue that helped the country’s development in infrastructures.

However, it has become obvious that China’s products are dominating the global market currently.

Meanwhile, the U.S. senator’s concern of limiting the U.S. technologies that go out of the country seems to be a late suggestion to the authorities concerned.

Based on the fact that, China has already adopted the technologies transferred to her and used them to improve her current level of living standards and the making of quality products besides dominating the global market.

The recent electric flying passenger vehicle r drone called EHANG 184 is among the latest technologies that came into existence since 2016 and was made by a Chinese firm.

It has the model of the popular quadcopter drones in appearance. The passenger drone is a driverless aircraft operating with a rechargeable electric battery that could sustain the aircraft for up to 20 minutes flight or more according to the source.

Though the military technology side of China has not been noticed globally, China can actually transfer some of the already adopted technologies to the improvement of their security, military weapons, and border control among other applications.

And the possibility of improving on them for newer inventions is very high. Hence, the country may actually become the most technologically advanced nation in the future.

Franco Ronconi, a popular social media figure has revealed a prediction made online for the world’s biggest economies by the year 2030. The figure revealed China to be the number one among the other countries listed.

Below this post is a detailed media coverage of the prediction.

These will be the world’s biggest economies by 2030:

1 China
2 United States
3 India
4 Japan
5 Indonesia
6 Russia
7 Germany
8 Brazil
9 Mexico
10 UK@wef#Innovation #SmartCity #Sustainability #Technology #Education #4IR@robvank @alvinfoo @psb_dc @KaiGrunwitz @TopCyberNews pic.twitter.com/RzwSSXzBAx

— Franco Ronconi (@FrRonconi) July 2, 2018

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