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Simple Demonstration of 3D Printing Technology in Manufacturing Process

3D printing technology has evolved into diverse applications including manufacturing. The modern 3D printing technology used for manufacturing makes use of the same working principle associated with 3D printing. In this case, the manufacturing is carried out through an additive process. In this process, the object is manufactured through the continuous feeding of the manufacturing material according to the graphic drawing of the image created in the 3D format.

When the drawn 3D image is synchronized in the 3D printing technology system, the manufacturing of the image starts and finishes according to the image pattern of the drawing. This method of production helps with error control through possible simulation of the material behavior and checking of errors on the body through 3D viewing.

This simple video demonstrates how “Relativity Space” built the world’s Largest 3D metal printer known as “Stargate” which was used in making a fully functional rocket within 60 days one was already made and was sent into space in 2021.

In the making of the rocket fuel tank demonstrated in this video, the Stargate uses a precisely controlled robotic arm to deposit liquid aluminum layer by layer until the entire shape of the tank is formed.

The demonstration above is not far from the ones you use to know about 3D printing. The material is deposited to form the entire shape through a repetitive and continuous feeding process known as the additive process.

With the simplicity associated with 3D printing technology, the machine also helps to minimize the space needed for manufacturing thereby making it possible for a giant factory to be possibly situated in a small space in about less than a 20-foot by 20-foot room space. The simplicity of the new technology has reduced the numerous steps usually involved in conventional manufacturing processes by allowing a single additive process machine to execute all the tasks associated with the production/manufacturing process.

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