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The latest Price of Short-Span Aluminum Roofing Sheet in Aba, Nigeria

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The latest Price of Short-Span Aluminum Roofing Sheet in Aba, Nigeria

The search for the current cost of aluminum roofing sheets had been consistent with few posts to explain in details. This article will provide a precise market price of Cameroon zinc as of January 2018 in Ariaria international market Aba, Abia state.

The post will serve as a guide to anyone seeking for the price online or offline and if there should be any change in price in your location to the price to be listed in this article; that may have been as a result of transportation and other factors.

However, know that the market is among the popular markets in Nigeria hence, any price of goods from such can be viewed as the cheapest one can get anywhere within the country.

Ariaria market had been known for selling products at wholesale prices due to the numerous presence of manufacturers and wholesalers in the market’s competitions.

Therefore, we decided to take a research on the cheapest one can get aluminum roofing sheets in the market as compared to the earlier prices we obtained from Onitsha market last year.

We found out that someone can obtain a bundle of short-pan aluminum roofing sheet (also known as Cameroon zinc) in this market for as low as N50, 000 for colorless while the colored types are sold at the price of N55, 000, just a difference of N5000 from each other.

This price counters the earlier price of N60, 000 and N65, 000 obtained from Onitsha market as at August 2017 during the economic recession period.

The difference between the two short-pan Aluminum roofing sheets is that the colorless type has reflective surface because it has no painting on its surface but it still has all the good qualities of aluminum roofing sheets.

However, some experts said that the reflective surface is prone to thunder attacks due to the ability it has to attract lightning during rainfall at night, but this claim has not been supported by any research yet.

Meanwhile, the other type which is the colored surface type is costlier than the colorless due to the following reasons:

It has the surface painted with a particular color of paint, the famous is usually black color and such makes the surface non-reflective.

It gives a more aesthetic look to roofs of modern buildings than the colorless type.

Most new buildings use the colored type.

It has higher selling rate than the colorless type.

It is believed that such type has a low attraction with lightning, therefore, low thunder attack the building.

Price of Short-Span Aluminum Roofing Sheet
Price of Short-Span Aluminum Roofing Sheet

All these points prove why colored type is usually preferable to modern builders, however the colorless still have the advantage of being cheaper.

Price of Short-Span Aluminum Roofing Sheet
Price of Short-Span Aluminum Roofing Sheet

Note, that the above price is based on bundle price and from a wholesaler, therefore the price in your area may vary slightly due to some factors hence, this article will guide you to know where to place your expectations.


Do you have any known price of Aluminum roofing sheets in your area? Drop the price and personal opinions through comment.

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