Having wrinkles is normal, but keeping them in check is important. It is quite difficult to reduce skin wrinkles without surgery or medical  intervention. However, there are steps to take to slow down the appearance of wrinkles.


What makes wrinkles appear?

How to reduce skin wrinkles

Ageing is a normal phenomenon that everyone goes through with time. The skin of a 4 year old child and a 90 year old man are very different.

Due to the slowing down of collagen production in our skin with progressing age, the skin looses its elasticity. Exposure to sunlight other habits and lifestyle can hasten this process.

The older you get the thinner and drier your skin becomes and this makes it more prone to wrinkle formation.

How can you prevent wrinkles?

Your genetic make up can influence the formation of wrinkles on your skin. Even if you’re family members have skin that is easily prone to wrinkles, you can have control of how your skin ages.

1. Avoid excessive exposure to sunlight

How to reduce skin wrinkles

It’s undeniably true that exposure to the sun can harm your skin, prompting untimely maturing and wrinkles.

As per a 2013 study Trusted Source, standard sunscreen use can hinder the indications of maturing skin.

To shield your skin from the sun’s harming bright (UV) beams, apply a SPF of somewhere in the range of 30 and 50 consistently, regardless of whether it’s cloudy. UV beams can in any case enter mists, so don’t skirt on sunscreen since it’s anything but radiant.

For additional security, wear a wide edge cap, light-shaded garments that will mirror the sun, and shades with UV assurance.

2. Utilize a retinoid

Retinoids, which are gotten from vitamin A, are quite possibly the most examined against ageing. Now and again alluded to as retinol, retinoids can expand collagen creation, which plumps up and increases collagen production in the skin.

Retinoids likewise support skin recovery and can advance the formation of fresh blood vessels, which may help improve the skin’s general appearance and surface.

There are five primary sorts of retinoids, each with marginally various levels of intensity. Some are accessible in creams and gels that you can purchase over the counter, while others are accessible by remedy as it were.

Dermatologists prescribe beginning with a modest quantity to test your skin’s resilience to the item, and utilizing it each and every day to abstain from stripping.

Converse with your dermatologist to discover which alternative is ideal for your skin.

3. Apply skin lotion

How to reduce skin wrinkles
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A lotion behaves like a beverage of water for your face.

Lotions help to feed and hydrate the skin. This is particularly significant as you get more seasoned and your skin gets drier, which makes it more inclined to wrinkles.

Exploration shows that utilizing a lotion that contains hyaluronic acid and vitamin C are particularly compelling at keeping wrinkles from shaping or getting further.

Ask your dermatologist for item suggestions for your skin.

4. Stay hydrated

Close up portrait of a young long-haired stylish female drinking water with her eyes closed outdoors

Drinking water is fundamental for acceptable wellbeing. Your body needs water for pretty much every capacity it does.

Other than imperative capacities like flushing poisons from your body, supporting with absorption, and managing your internal heat level, water can likewise help keep your skin solid and hydrated from within.

As indicated by a 2015 study Trusted Source that was directed on a sound gathering of ladies, it was resolved that higher water info can affect the hydration of the skin, and it might decidedly influence skin physiology.

Another investigation from 2017 Trusted Source found that drinking lemon ointment leaf remove, which is regularly found in tea, may help support the skin’s versatility and right tissue harm.

5. Avoid smoking

closeup woman hand breaking cigarette stop smoking concept.

Tobacco smoke harms collagen and elastin, the filaments that give your skin its flexibility and strength.

Likewise, the nicotine in cigarettes makes your veins tighten. This diminishes the blood stream to your skin. Accordingly, your skin doesn’t get as much oxygen. It’ll likewise restrict the significant supplements, similar to nutrient A, that can get to your skin.

As indicated by the Mayo Clinic, the warmth related with cigarettes may likewise cause wrinkles. Also, the continued pressing together of the lips to breathe in may prompt untimely wrinkling around the mouth.

A 2013 study  done on 79 sets of indistinguishable twins tracked down that the twins who smoked had fundamentally a larger number of wrinkles than their partners who didn’t smoke.

On the off chance that you presently smoke, converse with your medical care supplier about a smoking end program to help you quit.

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