How Investors Made Money With ZARFUND

How Nigerian Investors Made Money With ZARFUND

How Investors Made Money With ZARFUND
How Investors Made Money With ZARFUND

What is Zarfund ?

ZARFUND is a Person-To-Person Direct Donation Platform.

 The system was designed in such a way that it can be used by Fundraisers, such as Charities, Schools, Clubs, non-profits, family, and personal financial needs etc.

The donations are NOT collected by the Administrator, nor are they automated by the system, rather donations are sent directly and personally from one member to another member, from one member’s Bitcoin Wallet to another member’s Bitcoin Wallet.

The Concept Of Zarfund

How Investors Made Money With ZARFUND
How Investors Made Money With ZARFUND

Zarfund is an online peer to peer (people to people) investment platform. Created late August, by Hannes Jordan, a South African, and verified by Bitcoin worldwide and has a very high rating in Websites recommendations.  

Recently it featured in the U.K and New York Newspapers as the best investment also in Nigeria on Linda Ikeji’s blog.

As a genuine and fast money making investment With just over 100, 000 members worldwide, which means it’s possible for one to be among the earliest beneficiaries of the huge cash deposits in Zarfund.

 Zarfund does not invest in any product or services, it invests in people Which make it unique, it does not deal in dollar, pounds or Naira which their prices fluctuate rather it deals in Bitcoins which is ever rising in value! 1 bitcoin is worth 738USD (dollars) now which is 360,000NGN (naira) which could be more tomorrow.

NOTE: You are to register under a group or team! So you need a referral link of someone you know is already in the system, registrations directly from the site will make one to work alone which could be frustrating.

So contact the person that invites you for your referral link or contact group admins for how to open and fund your blockchain wallet.

 Blockchain wallet acts as your bank in which your money is always In the wallet and you can withdraw it anytime, you don’t need anybody confirming you.

But my advice? Don’t be in a hurry to get all and leave, See it as an investment for a few weeks or months! Because

There is more as you grow! So why take little and go? Plus your upgrade bonuses are huge too. Make sure you open your blockchain account and fund it first before getting your referral link to open Zarfund because to become a full member, you only need 24hours to upgrade.


(Figures are in naira rate conversions of your bitcoins)

 Firstly, you only need 2people, if you have more, you don’t need it! But your downlines do So give it to them So you both can grow fast.

Secondly, you need N12000 at the start to get your 0.031BTC (bitcoins) [the price of 0.031BTC in naira vary depending on the current rate. It might be higher or less] to start, everyone starts with the same amount after that you don’t put anymore.

Thirdly, upgrade as soon as soon as you have enough amount to do so, don’t wait for the full amount, it would be paid If not your downline might upgrade and you lose.


When you register with the statutory N12000, you pay it to your upline (or referral) and u upgrade to become a full member, at that moment automatically the 2 new People under you will pay you N12000 each to be a full member also that is N24000, you can get that within 4-7 days.

 You upgrade with 20k and keep 4k for yourself That’s stage 1

 Stage 2: 4 persons [when the two people that joined under you, get 2people each] they pay you that 20k each which equals N80000 You can still walk away or you upgrade with N40000 and keep N40000 which you can withdraw just like stage 1.

 Stage 3: Here, 8 people (when the 4people that paid you in stage 2, gets 2people) they pay you N40000 each which equals N320000, you can walk away or upgrade with N80000 and Withdraw your N240000.

Stage 4: Here, 16 people [when the 8people in the previous stage gets 2people each] they pay you N80000 each which is 1.28million you can walk away or you upgrade with N340000 and gain N940000.

Stage 5: Here, 32 people [As the 16 people that paid you, get their 2people] they pay you N340000 each Which is N10.88million you can walk away or you donate N680000 to upgrade and gain N11million.

Stage 6: Finally, 64 people pay you N680000 You get N43.5million Naira, at this stage you donate Nothing and you get paid every month. Note: You only have a  maximum of 30days to open to upgrade from one level to another.

 Can Zarfund be a scam?

There is no way that one can see the company becoming a scam, the reason is simple, there is no Admin ever handling money and there is no Admin fees ever charged.

The only way you could lose money is by not promoting your link and not getting your 2 referrals (Of course, we shall assist you to achieve this.

Together, we can), all you need do is, introduce your family and friends, even your enemies if there are any.Zarfund is basically a 2 x 2 matrix system.

The people that join this company are people like you who are looking to succeed in making money online.

The fact that the Admin cannot handle any of the funds that are transferred, makes this a very safe and almost scam-proof way to make money.

Mayowa Emmanuel Adeyemi

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