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Fantastic Features of Portable VR Motion Simulator

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Features of Portable VR Motion Simulator

Features of Portable VR Motion Simulator
Features of Portable VR Motion Simulator

The futurism is at it again. The twitter page just released a new video revealing the technology introduced to dominate the future motor riding experience.

The device is called the PORTABLE VR MOTION SIMULATOR, a simple device yet very creative and impressive.

The device will make anyone that climbs on it to feel like being in a car. It is a complete set up of different parts arrangement considering its seater which looks like a bowl having comfortable foam chair inside it.

The feet resting pan is located in the front of the seater such that the driver rests the feet on it while seating on the seater.

The driving handle which acts as the steering handle of a car enables the rider to make u-turns while riding the device in its stationary motion, the handle has a design that links it from the front of the ride where the hands can hold it, to the feet pan forming a joint with the feet pan.

Beside the above parts, what actually create more visual effects to the rider is the spectacle made by the goggle-like device worn on the eyes. The device will make the rider feel as though the device is moving on the road.

There are other features that followed the device which includes the easy way of packing it into a very small unit that can be kept under a table.

The Portable VR Motion Simulator can be of great help to those that have the phobia of driving on roads for their personal practice and building of confidence.

It will also be of help to those learning how to drive, as it can serve as a pre-test before going for road drives proper. what do you think?

A must-have for any VR setup.

— Futurism (@futurism) March 17, 2018


The above video reveals more about this device and its features.

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