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Detailed Expectations of Covid-19 & Virtual Reality in the coming SMART WORLD

Virtual Reality

Predictions of Virtual Reality

The predictions seem longer than anticipated, Scientists and engineers seem more proactive than the predictors, and COVID-19 made a push to the whole predictions of technological advancement.

Virtual Reality

While we wait for 2030 for 100% rechargeable cars, driverless cars, Robots, and Drones services. COVID-19 has changed the direction of research and technological inventions.

Detailed Expectations of Covid-19 & Virtual Reality in the coming SMART WORLD

Covid-19 Pandemic & The Virtual Reality

In a world of Mask and social distancing, scientists and engineers will be left with no option but to think in that direction. While the vaccines for COVID-19 are still under trial, technology has already positioned us to live with the virus.

How Covid-19 & Virtual Reality Boost social distancing

Whether we find the vaccine we are looking for or not, technology seems to have seen COVID-19 coming and technologists were able to put the technology ahead to encourage social distancing.

Virtual Reality
VR at the development stage

Virtual Reality has been in the development stage just as AI is taking over modern technology and has remained a new technology that existed before the COVID-19 Outbreak .

However, it was never looked into with much attention as in the case of other emerging new technologies because we never knew how useful it could be until the COVID-19 outbreak when the need to keep a social distance has become inevitable.

Now technology has become a focal point for technologists.

We now use virtual reality for video conferences, seminars, lectures, stadiums, and even in making orders for items.

Other Applications of Virtual Reality

There are other areas where virtual reality is making great improvements and is expected to modern those areas of technology.

For instance, football stadiums, WWE stadiums, and so many public gathering centers now have virtual technology installed on them. We all don’t necessarily need to be together physically but we can be together virtually.

Future Expectations Of Virtual Reality

Virtual technology has proven to be a vital technology to the technologies we are waiting for in the future and will assist the technologists and engineers to make unique progress in advancing the future technology.

The Smart World is coming. It is going to be an age far beyond artificial intelligence and artificial general intelligence.

It is going to be the world of machines on the streets, a world of flying in the sky along with simple drones powered by either jet or renewable energy.

From rechargeable self-driving cars to autonomous robots, autonomous drones, and autonomous service rendering machines in markets, industries, etc.

The smart world will force humans to keep social distancing naturally even in the absence of COVID-19 and virtual reality will take over even when the COVID-19 vaccine has been made available.

Coronavirus epidemic
COVID-19 Coronavirus epidemic

Virtual Reality in the coming Smart World

Virtual reality in the smart world will not only be for humans alone but for machines also.

It is important to note that When I say ‘machine’ I mean all the autonomous robots, autonomous drones, and autonomous service rendering machines in markets, industries, etc.

In other words, machines could use virtual reality to communicate and recognize humans specifically by name while looking at them.

Besides the above, Virtual reality will enable the Smart world age to curb corruption, catch criminals, apprehend the right offender of crimes, make the right judgments in lawsuits, detect ongoing armed robbery attacks, and many other possible advantages.


For sure, virtual reality is going to be the central technology of all spying jobs of the smart world age. How long we are now from the smart world is what no one can give an accurate prediction but for sure we are heading to it.

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