Features of New Giant Multipurpose Truck with Multiple Axis Movements (+video)

Features of the new Giant Multipurpose Truck

Engineering is going beyond the norm to specific purpose engineering. In other words, the quest to make work easier is now leading to the manufacturing of more specific machines for specific duties.

Though some machines can manage to execute multiple related tasks, engineers are now moving into the making machines for a specific purpose or convertible machines for multiple purposes.

This is to aid the modern industries, ensure a higher level of safety, and above all, minimize the cost of executing a specific job.

A popular truck manufacturing industry has unveiled its new giant truck with multiple features to suit specific job categories.

This truck is equipped with a self-loader. The self-loader is a very lengthy retractable plunger with an arm. It is completely working with a hydraulic system. The multi-design of the self-loader enables it to maneuver and extend to intricate directions to pick loads.

The truck has 10 tires positioned beneath each side of the bucket with one tire fixed beneath each side of the passenger section. This means that the total tires on the two sides of the truck are twenty-two (22).

The truck appears to have a long/lengthy bucket estimated to be around forty feet (40feet). The bucket further has steel frame guards to secure loads placed in the bucket.

The makers noted that the self-loading truck is meant for rugged jobs in inaccessible terranes for normal trucks.

The operator section located above the Engine carrier has mounted steel frames that allow the operator’s section to move in a vertical position to a height suitable for helping the operator obtain a clear view of any objects far and within. The same frame guards allow the operator to rotate its operating section up to 360 degrees. The axial and radial movement of the operator section is powered by hydraulic systems.

The multiple areas of movement allow the operator to execute multiple jobs with the truck using its self-loading hydraulic arms.

The truck performs well in loading timbers and logs of wood from intricate places such as forests and uneven ground surfaces.

Unlike other trucks seen in the past, this seems to be very different when it comes to multifunction. Despite its multifunction, a single operator can handle each of its operations from the operators’ dashboard.

Below is a detailed video demonstration of the truck in executing the job of self-loading and parking of logs of wood while the operator controls everything from the dashboard.

Video of the new Giant Multipurpose Truck

What do you think about this truck and its unique features? We will love to hear from you.

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