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convertible bicycle


The use of bicycle for transportation is healthy and economical because it is considered to be a part of exercise and it also offer cheap means of transportation. Though busy cities and some areas find the use of bicycle as stressful and outdated the advantages it offer still make it to remain invoke despite the huge changes in technologies and modern lifestyle.

Bicycle has gone through huge changes in terms of design and size. From the ancient design of simplicity and big size to compact size and complex designs to meet specific needs. Because riding bicycle is like a hobby to most people, getting the size of bicycle to suit their desire becomes a major consideration to manufacturers.

There are factors to be considered by the manufacturers and such includes:



The size of bicycle determines the suitable age group that can ride it. Since riding bicycle is not restricted to adults only, children and grownups also have bicycle sizes. As it is today in the market, almost every human age has her own size of bicycle into market.

It is not a mistake to have such innovation rather a welcome development that allows every age category to partake in the advantage it offers which is mostly the fun of having a ride beside transportation.


The convertible bicycle has two unique size. One of the size is when its length is long and another is when its length is short.

If the back tire extends, it becomes longer and could be able to use its carriage to carry load but when the back tire folds inwards the length shortens.



Another consideration is the design. This is what makes a difference between ancient bicycles and modern bicycles. While the ancient concentrated in making just few design making the bike lovers to have few options, the modern manufacturers are flooding the industry with numerous options for the bike lovers which is why we are having amazing bicycles with astonishing looks.

The features of modern bicycle designs have made it possible to use bicycle as sports ride, fun ride, and display of classic sports life rather than simply for transportation.

This convertible bicycle is one of the evidence of modern bicycle designs. It is unique in design, something that cannot easily be seen in existing designs. From complexity of change of shape to the rigidity of structure. The bicycle appears to have a pass mark in meeting certain unique needs existing designs could not offer.


Here are few explanation to the features of this bicycle:

It has two big wheels with strong tires

It has well-structured frames

It can chain and sprockets that rearrange itself the moment the back tire position is changed

It has a back carriage frame positioned above the back tire which stays in position as the length of the bicycle is extend but folds inside if the length is shortened

The back tire can be made to move inwards to shorten the length of the bicycle or move outward to extend the length of the bicycle.



While the ancient bicycles concreted more on quality with less efforts on designs, the modern bicycles combine the two features of quality and design to produce unique and outstanding bicycles rocking most streets and sports arena.


Though nothing was stated about the quality of the convertible bicycle, the functionalities showed a good structural arrangement which makes it easy to convert the shape without showing any malfunctioning afterwards.



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