What You Must Consider Before Buying an Electric Fan

Before Buying an Electric Fan consider these?

An electric fan is an essential indoor appliance acclimated to create a cooling effect in the summer. Besides that, the electric fan helps in the circulation of a large volume of air within a space like a conference hall, rooms, and Offices though with low pressure.

Types of electric fan
Types of electric fan

It is a crucial electrical appliance meant to assist the maintenance of cooling and moderate temperature within a surrounding. In Nigeria, an electric fan is usually fixed in all building apartments and they play a vital role in creating a cooling effect all through the dry season or whenever the weather is hot.

Buy electric fans in Nigeria has become a norm, almost every room in Nigeria buildings has an Electric fan except for buildings in interior villages, therefore, the buying is a common phenomenon perhaps, it has also helped the electrical electronics business in the country to flourish.

Are you concerned about the choice of the electric fan to buy?  You needn’t be concerned once again.

The electric fan is of three varieties. There are some meant for the ceiling, and there are the standing ones. The third is the wall fan.

Manufacturers like O.R.L have a number of products with distinctive prices. Its largest ceiling fan size 60” costs N6000; you may also get it, for N5,500; or at the lowest N5000; The executive and Zurge go for N5,500;  the Mega N5,800; the Aureate N5,800. They are available in white and brown colors.

The STC brand also has distinctive Electric ceiling fans. Its tremendous design goes for N4000; less tremendous design N3, 800; and largest N5,800.

SMC has mannequin KL which costs N6,800; and model KN which stands at N8000. This brace happens to be the oldest. They are all from Asia.

The Conductor brand ceiling fan has white and brown colors. The former goes for N6, 800; and the latter N7000.

The Binatone Company has amber, white, chrism, and chocolate shades. Each has three or four blades reckoning on the style of a possible buyer. The three-brand class prices within N4, 500, and N5, 800.

The standing fan comes in 16 and 18 inches. Standing electric fans of 16” are available in plastic brand, the 18” iron brand. This aphorism doesn’t practice in certain brands like Fanafrik which produces both inches in iron blades.

Fanafrik also has a model for the various inches comparable to S.O. 6 which is its maximum mannequin. It is an 18-inch fan valued at N6, 500. Mannequin S.O.7, 16-inch costs N5000. Century produces each inch but makes the previous with inflexible blades put at N5, 800, while the sixteen (16) inch made in plastic brand charges N4,300. STC has the most effective 18 inches at N5000. , like Jumyrich but with an extra N500 carry. Astros is also in the same bracket with its fee put at N4, 300.

Like the standing fan, wall fans appropriately are available at 16 and 18 inches. However, the closing seems to relish extra advocacy than the previous. Aeon has 16 inches electric fan which cost N4,600 and N5,500 appropriately.

Others like TMT, have the simplest sixteen-inch selling at TMT N6,800. Evernal, Occenic, and super master have 16 inches each which fits for N4, 500, N4, 000, and N4, 500 respectively.

For potential buyers, if you are within the southwest, the aforementioned electric fan can be bought from Electronics markets at Adebayo Onipanu Buscease, Elpina creek highway, Apapa; Yaya Abatan road, Ijaye highway, Ogba; and Alaba int’l market, Ojo market.

Other areas are: 38, Adedeji street, Itire, the market alongside Ijesha road; 126130 Lawanson highway, Itire, Surulere; and 126, Isolo street, Mushin, all are within Lagos state.

However, if you are within Southeast and Southsouth states, you can get the wholesale price for large quantities at Electromarts Int’l market, Onitsha, Anambra state. Obosi Electrical Market, Obosi, Anambra state., Ariaria Int’l market, Aba, Abia state.

Based on probability your taste might vary; as a buyer, you need to pay attention in certain features obtainable from various brands.

Your ceiling height: check the ceiling height, the place your new ceiling fan may be installed will determine whether you choose a hugger ceiling fan or the range with a downward rod.

International electric-powered code NEC requires that fan blades are fixed in a way that they do not dangle or rotate at a ceiling height less than seven feet (7ft) from the floor. For ceiling heights, less than 7 feet, a hugger or a regular ceiling fan with a low ceiling adapter, might possibly be preferable.

Angled or angled ceiling: A hugger ceiling fan isn’t ultimate for a sloped ceiling. Ceiling fan blades may still always be in the normal position where gravity finds them, but at last, the fan motor will incur a lot of pressure and at last burnt out. An angled ceiling adapter will permit the ceiling fan to grasp from 30 degrees to 60 degrees.

Assess a brand amount according to room size: ceiling fans are available in diverse brand span sizes. Knowing the room size will help to estimate the blade amount by measurement and will tremendously narrow your search when it is time that you desire the appropriate ceiling fan.

Details should still give you a good idea of what ceiling fan brand span you will want according to the square design of your apartment.

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