LATEST INVENTION: Using Hand/Fingers Gestures to Control Digital Devices

How Your Hand Gestures Will Control Digital Devices

If you have watched movies of science fiction where devices are controlled by simply flipping hands this is more than just a movie but a reality. An invention proved the possibility of using your finger to control electronic devices’ screen commands by simply touching the surface of your own fingers.

There has been speculation of such a possibility until the recent unveiling made by a high-tech firm specialized in electronics sensors and motherboard production. The operation was made possible with a special sensor that can send commands through optical wave signals received from the human fingers and their movement. The success of the invention enabled it to be transmitted to modern electronic devices such as wristwatches, flexible screens, computers, and lots.

Using the soft touching actions between two fingers to control any digital device would be a big shift from the existing method of the touching screen. Instead of having direct contact with the screen to execute a command your fingers do that with no stress, such could be a marvel to many who are yet to know about it.

From the video demonstration shared by gadgets and another firm that has already unveiled official software that can enable similar functionalities in computers, the features seem to be endless when it comes to controlling digital devices through air movement of hands and fingers. In fact, the firm noted that the feature will be very suitable for those making use of PowerPoint slides and other forms of slides for public teaching/presentations noting that the presenter could simply wave a hand to bring the slide into the screen view from the multiple of slides.

Though this innovation is still new, the possibility of its dominance in future digital devices is very high especially now that some software is being introduced to enable modern computers to exhibit similar features.





Philip Nduka

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