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Features Of Articulated Robots & Its Applications

AI Robot hand and fingers

The Features Of Articulated Robots and Applications of Articulated Robots


An articulated robot is among the types of industrial robots classified earlier in the previous post

It is a special type based on its unique degrees of freedom that offer a rotary motion in the joints. It had been the brain behind some of the wonderful performances found in modern robots.

Sometimes, a combination of one or two or more types of robotic arrangement could yield to a complex task operating the machine, i.e. a robot with multiple tasks ability.

While about four major types of industrial robots exist, research shows that the majority of modern industrial robots make use of two or more types of robotic arrangements. That is to say that the Cartesian coordinate robot may have some portions in its giant body that were equipped with articulated joints arrangement or delta robot arrangement.

an articulated robot for welding of beam joints
an articulated robot for welding beam joints


Features Of Articulated Robot
Features Of Articulated Robot

An articulated robot can be a legged robot or an industrial robot usually with rotary joints, their robotic arms can be articulated or non-articulated depending on the intended function of the robot.

Basically, such a robot could be made in small sizes but its large size can be found in almost every tedious task or job in the industries.

In its simple arrangement, the two-jointed arrangement can make up the entire working mechanisms of the robot.

While at its complex arrangement, over 10 interacting joints arrangement can be the working mechanisms of the robot. Electric motors usually power the joints for their specific motions.

Articulated robots with complex parts and joints do have electric motors at various locations for specific motions.

The combination of the different parts and their motion components make up the giant complex machine.

Beside electric motors, some joints could be powered by a hydraulic system for joints that will be carrying heavy loads. Some arms may have a different type of robotic arrangement to make up the entire complex task functions.

Features Of Articulated Robot: an articulated robot in action
an articulated robot in action


Features Of Articulated Robot
Features Of Articulated Robot

Articulated robots use all three revolute joints to access their workspace. Usually, the joints are arranged in a “chain”, so that one supports another further in the Chain.

The entire manipulative joints can be controlled with a coordinated motion.

When it comes to degrees of freedom, the number of independent motions in which the end effector can move is defined by the number of axes of motion of the manipulator.

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