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Details Of How Soon Robots Will Overtake Humans


A well-known scientist, Dr.Omkar Rai (Director General Software Technology Parks of India, lives in New Delhi) and the ‘world economic forum’ are not viewing the robot age as a mere fiction, rather they see it as facts with reliable evidence. For that reason, the “world economic forum” made a video explaining how robots will completely replace human in the future in terms of function and relevance.

It had been a topic of discussion within the scientists that an artificial intelligent age is coming, where robots will be moving around homes, streets, schools, hospitals, and industries, etc.  just like humans. Also, these robots may be bearing names for identification just like humans, but among all the scientist, no one has actually given any prediction as of when all these will come into play until this scientist brought the video made by the “world economic forum” to the surface.

According to the World Economic Forum, robots will completely replace humans in functions in homes, restaurants, industries, hospital, aviation, schools(as teachers), and ushers in occasions, etc. by the year 2053 and beyond. Here is the breakdown of how it will happen;

Now- till the year 2024, Robots will be able to acquire artificial intelligence for their functions which will be limited to language translations only. What this means, is that these group of robots can function with limitations base on their ability to understand and translate the coded language in their memory which will not be as complex as that of the future robots.

From 2024 – to 2025,Assembling capacity; it is believed that a year further the robots will start developing the ability to assemble things together due to the further codings and teachings introduced into the robot’s memory.

From 2025 – to 2026, Writing ability, it is believed robots of 2026 would have the ability to write articles readable by humans and makes complete meaning coupled with accuracy in statements and sentences. The robots of this category are believed to be used in schools for teaching purposes and article writings both for schools, firms, blogs, social media, and books publications, etc.

From 2026- to 2027, Autonomous trucks, robots of the year 2027 is believed to have a driving capacity and skills. what this means is that majority of cars on the roads will be automated which is, driven by robots. At this stage of development, they will be equipped with highly sensitive sensors to detect approaching objects and be able to take a decision on their own based on the conditions of the road while driving.

From 2027 – to 2029, Physical running ability,`this will be another high-level of robots programming, an age of robots where it will develop the ability to run like humans and even faster than humans. It is believed that at this stage robots will be able to feel human emotions and respond where necessary which includes response such as running speedily and faster than human to assist in emergency situations. This category of robots will find their uses in hospitals, police force, road safety agents, and fire services, etc. It will also be possible that such robots will be having sports competitions against each other or against humans just as humans do.

From 2029 – to 2030, service workers in retailing shops, robots will have the ability to sell things and render services to humans without or with less human assistance or supervision. The ability of the robots to perform certain skills perfectly will make it possible for them to be employed as either a chef, cleaner, cashier in a bank, or receptionist, etc.

From 2030 – to 2049, product promotions of a best seller, it is believed that the robots of this age will be able to embark on public promotion of a particular product based on their high selling ability. Such robots will be of great advantage to firms who need advertisers.

From 2049-to 2053, Working as surgeons in hospitals, robots of 2053 has been predicted to have the ability to operate on humans, this will be based on the high-level of their artificial intelligence coupled with their highly sensory organs to detect any flaw and work or take actions with precisions.

From 2053 and above, it is believed that majority of jobs around the globe will completely be occupied by robots as the years go further.

The data in the video released by the world economic forum revealed that in the next 120 years majority of humans may be out of their job, because their works may have been handed over to robots. Therefore, there is a global warning that it is time for humans to be ready to embrace the age of artificial intelligence and try to find ways for alternative sustainability.

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