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5 Steps to Add And Edit Tables In A Document Using Microsoft Word

inserting a table in a document

Steps to Add And Edit Tables In A Document Using Microsoft Word


Microsoft word is a very versatile software when it comes to the creating of documents.

The complex functions of the software can be confusing to a beginner such that some features found in documents created by professionals using the Microsoft word may seem impossible to a learner or beginner while working with the software.

Meanwhile, despite the obvious complex features of the software, it still remains the most used for the making of documents especially when it comes to typing, editing, and printing.

Learning of Microsoft word is a separate package of computer training offered by the majority of the computer training institutes.

The reason could be based on the complexity of functions/features found in its interface.

Such that weeks could be used to explain in detail and to practice the various features the software offers in the making of different documents either for official use or for personal use.

Notwithstanding its complexity, Microsoft word makes creating and editing of documents easier than others of similar category.

It offers a quick learning platform for beginners through its interface arrangement.

The software’s home column reveals all the basic buttons that a beginner could use to make simple documents like typing and set of names and numbers.

Meanwhile, the part of inserting a table in a document remains a vital but difficult aspect of the software for new users exposed to it.


Tables are necessary for documents because of the clear description and classification they offer.

Experts revealed that writing any report and inserting tables will help reduce your writings and long explanations since a table can explain what over 100 words could not completely explain.

Most companies cannot handle up to 10 documents without 2 to 5 having tables in them. In other words, a table is a commonly used feature in most of the official document.

Sometimes managers or company representatives may not have the time or patience of reading through two-page write-ups. 

But, when such is minimized to one page with suitable tables, the reading appears to be easier.

The table is ideal for any smart worker whose job is to prepare documents for the firm.

Tables help to clarify the document’s information. In area where different points or items are involved, using table can make the whole write-up simple.

Despite its importance, the knowledge of inserting tables of various rows and column, editing it and its contents or deleting a column or row, etc. had never been a simple task for anyone with no training on the Microsoft word.

A properly detailed computer training for the software can give even clearer instructions on how to insert a table in a document, than this post.

Meanwhile, for the purpose of emergency learning, I will be revealing the steps you can use to insert any type of table in your document created or editable with Microsoft word.

The 5 Steps to Add And Edit Tables In A Document Using Microsoft Word

Below are the steps in the highlighted format:

  1. The first step in inserting a table is to know the type of table you will need in times of the number of rows and columns the table will bear, the factor that will determine that is the titles of each column of the table in the first row. However, for a professional that may not be necessary because once the table is inserted, the columns and rows or spaces can be adjusted to any desired type or size. Having known the table, make a paragraph in the document where you want to insert the table and move to the next step.
  2. The next step is to proceed with the process of inserting the table, assuming you have already known the size or nature of the table. Taking a look at the top of the Microsoft word where functions are written with titles written in “CAPITAL” letters and arranged properly in columns of a single row. Taking a look at the picture below, the following can be found in the column; “HOME, INSERT, DESIGN, PAGE LAYOUT, REFERENCES, MAILINGS, REVIEW, VIEW”.5 Steps to Add And Edit Tables In A Document Using Microsoft Word
  3. Move the mouse cursor to the INSERT column and click on it. The column will reveal other sub-columns under it. Following the red arrow in the image below, click on the “Table” button which is just below the INSERT column.5 Steps to Add And Edit Tables In A Document Using Microsoft Word
  4. Once you click on the table, there will be a dropdown of tables in block forms. Moving the mouse cursor over each block the type of table it is will be shown automatically at the space created for the table in step 1. Hovering over each block and looking at the table it forms on the document will help you insert the exact table you need without having to edit it later.5 Steps to Add And Edit Tables In A Document Using Microsoft Word
  5. Once you find the block that bears the exact table you want, click on it and the dropdown will disappear leaving the table formed by the block on the paragraph you created for it. With this step 5, you have successfully added a table in the document.5 Steps to Add And Edit Tables In A Document Using Microsoft Word

Though the step of adding the table with the block selection format appears to be simple. There are instances you will need to edit the table so that you could get the exact space, rows or columns required. Here are the procedures to do that:


Move the cursor to the center of any line you want to move until “+” shows on the cursor, then hold and move the line in any direction you want so that space can be increased or reduced.

The image below gives a clear illustration of it. The red arrow points to the cursor position while moving the line.

Steps to Add And Edit Tables In A Document Using Microsoft Word
Steps to Add And Edit Tables In A Document Using Microsoft Word


If you intend adding an extra row below the table, perhaps the table inserted could not contain all the data in the rows in it.

Move the cursor to the edge of the last row in the left side until “+” sign shows up. Click on that sign an extra row will be added.

However, to remove a row; high the row as though you want to copy it and then right-click the mouse to reveal the available options.

Click on the “delete row” option and the row you highlighted will be removed.


The process of adding extra column involves moving the cursor the actual vertical line you want to add the column (it could be any line in the table not only the edge) and right-click to reveal the options for “insert column” click on it and extra column will be added to the table.

However, if you ever wish to delete any column, just highlight it from the top to its bottom and right-click, select the “delete column” option to have the column removed from the table.

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