4 Easy Steps To Barb Your Hair Using Your Personal Clipper

Steps To Barb Your Hair Using Your Personal Clipper

Barbing your hair with a personal clipper is one way of ensuring you get the perfect look you may be looking for and the only way to achieve it, is by securing a quality clipper for yourself.

The use of personal clipper is increasing every day following the continuous release of articles and posts of skin and related diseases caused by the use of public clippers. For this reason, lots of people seeking for personal hygiene and safety would prefer purchasing a personal clipper.

A disassembled Clipper
Steps To Barb Your Hair: A disassembled Clipper

Best way to barb yourself with your personal clipper is by first doing it with try & error method, starting from practicing shaving to carving of your hair fronts, when these skills had been acquired the next is to consider using the same way in learning how to barb your hair.

In this post, we will proceed further into the technique in hair cutting, we shall also explain clipper and its parts and functions to enable you understand what the parts are meant for and how you may use them for easy learning of how to barb your hair.


Steps To Barb Your Hair Using Your Personal Clipper
Steps To Barb Your Hair Using Your Personal Clipper
Steps To Barb Your Hair Using Your Personal Clipper
Steps To Barb Your Hair Using Your Personal Clipper

Clipper consists of different parts of small plastic and metallic materials meant to perform specific functions during the hair cutting process, and one way of knowing original clipper is how these parts were fitted together such that despite the vibrations coming from its functions it does not shatter them in pieces even after years of functions.

Taking a look at the above diagram will show you several common parts of clipper some which are fixed while others are detachable, we shall be discussing on them one after the other and how you can manipulate these parts to learn how to barb your hair easily.


These are the plastic attachments that usually accompany new clippers, depending on the brand some of these clippers could be any number but popular brands mostly have two to three of these parts in their carton of new clipper.

Using these steps in clipper function may be confusing to those operating the clipper for the first time, since such people may have no idea of what the parts were meant for and how to even attach them to the clipper.

Meanwhile a good brand may include manual of the functions and how to use them, but such cases are very few, and some manual may even appear hard to comprehend by the reader.

The major function of the clipper blade steps is to create different ranges of hair cutting levels during haircut. They are highly recommended tools in any barbing salon because without them the barber may find it very difficult to carve some styles during haircut, since almost 80% of the popular hair styles may need the attachment of any of these part to the clipper blade.


This is the long movable handle located at the side of clipper and mainly used to increase the gap of the two metallic blades permanently fixed at the clipper or to decrease it.

The function of this part is not far from that of the blade steps the difference is just that it does not only help the clipper to barb hair with minute differences in hair levels.

Rather, it also helps the clipper to easily cut the entire hair from the root without leaving a trace of any hair in the skin. It is this part of clipper that makes it easy for the clipper to easily carve the hair fronts after haircut or shaving.


This is the oil that usually accompany the clipper when you open its carton for the first time. It is the oil usually applied at the blade when it is noticed that the dynamic movement of the two fixed metallic blade has started dropping.

The major purpose of dropping this oil is to ease the friction and enable the blades to move faster in their oscillatory movement.


This part is mainly designed with the key slot where a specific key design that accompanied the parts from the carton will be used to screw this button inward in a way of increasing the clipper speed of cutting and when the button is screwed outward the it helps to reduce the cutting speed of the clipper.


To barb your hair, follow the steps to barb your Hair listed below:

  1. Obtain two mirrors of at least 2 feet in square sides, these mirrors will be placed in your front and back during the barbing process for a clear visibility of your hair while it is being cut by the clipper.
  2. A new user and learner, start the process by inserting a blade step to the clipper before making your first cut, in that regard you would be able to know the level the step would cut the hair and then know how to make subsequent adjustments to obtain the level of hair cut you may be looking for.
  3. If you need a very low cut, then you may not need to add the steps rather you can just adjust the permanent metallic blades to create enough gap between them with such arrangement you will likely get a very low cut that will contain very short hairs.
  4. The best positioning of clipper during haircut is not vertical contact with the blades, such position is only for carving of hair fronts or edges. During normal hair cutting the clipper blades should lie in a horizontal position with the hair being cut such that it wouldn’t be possible for the skin to sustain any injury. This process and arrangements will be maintained until the whole hair is properly cut and the appropriate style is obtained.


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