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Water Car: Simplicity of Future Water Transportation

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As the modern engineering is taking a different dimension it is heavily reflecting in every aspects of human life and activities. From the bio-engineering to space exploration and industrial engineering and lots more. The modern engineering has really touched all aspects of human life and environment.

Innovations and quest for safe engineering keep pushing the engineers to device more ways of enhancing existing technologies and inventing new ones. Almost every technology of the future centers on artificial intelligence, and renewable energy, aimed improving the simplicity of human life.

From flying cars, flying bikes, passenger drones, to the water transportation. In other words, engineering has taken a new dimension in the area of water transportation.

A recent project of Uber for water Taxi speaks volume about the future of water transportation. The special vehicle known as ‘water Car’ is the first of its the history of water transportation. The water vehicle was specifically designed to offer the same experience obtainable in road Cars. From shape to interior design and exterior designs really portal why the name “Water Car” was given to it.

Water Car still remain one of the amazing technologies of our time. It is believed to offer incredible features not offered by existing speedboats use in water transportation. Not just to the borders of the vehicle but to the environment at large.

Below are some of the features of this water vehicle:

It is powered by electricity through rechargeable batteries.

It is very light in weight and can cover long miles within few minutes based on its design.

It offers the users special experience of normal road cars.

The design makes it possible for only a few streamlined part (base) to be submersed in the water.

The submersed part bears the engine powering the vehicle.

It can convey up to four passengers at a time.

Under none turbulent water condition this water car can run in a speed equivalent to average car on the road.

The Water Car has very low power consumption rate and produce zero emission of gas which is quite different and unique from existing water vehicles.

Below are is a simple demonstration of the project:

Possible Challenges of the Water Car Project

There is need for rechargeable stations in waterways for the vehicle to refill its energy while on a distance journey.

The project may take a long time to be perfected and become fully operational.

The possibility of using in water with heavy wave storm may be difficult.

However, despite the assumed challenges, the water car project has great promise for the future water transportation. Very soon, this water Taxi could be found in the water around your vicinity once the necessary facilities has been installed.

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