Heliciculture; Snail Farming & Its Benefits In Nigeria


Snail Farming & Its Benefits In Nigeria

Heliciculture; Snail Farming & Its Benefits In Nigeria

Heliciculture, usually known as snail cultivating, is the way toward raising eatable land snails, fundamentally for human utilization or restorative use. The meat and snail eggs can be burned through as escargot and as a sort of caviar individually. Bodily fluid, generally known as snail ooze, has clinical properties and is utilized in beautifying agents.

Maybe the most popular eatable land snail species in the Western world is the Helix pomatia, regularly known as the Roman snail or the Burgundy snail. This species is anyway not good for beneficial snail cultivating and is ordinarily collected from nature.

Business snail cultivating in the Western world is ordinarily finished with the Cornu aspersum (morphotypically partitioned into cornu aspersum aspersa and cornu aspersum maxima), some time ago known as Helix aspersa. In heat and humidities snail cultivating is ordinarily finished with the African snail, which naturally doesn’t fall in the group of Helicidae, and the meat of which in this manner may not be called escargot.

Benefits Of Snail Farming In Nigeria

Heliciculture; Snail Farming & Its Benefits In Nigeria

The principal advantages of snail cultivating in Nigeria are recorded beneath.

 Snails are hermaphroditic in nature and exceptionally regenerative. Both male and female regenerative organs are accessible in each snail. Thus the snails can duplicate exceptionally quickly.

 One snail can lay eggs 6 times a year. Each time they lay more than 80 to 100 eggs.

 Snail meat is superior to some other red meat. What’s more, it is improved with exceptionally nourishment fixings.

 Snail meat is high in iron, protein, calcium, and phosphorus and low in cholesterol, sodium, and fat. Accordingly, snail meat is strongly suggested by the dietitians and specialists for the patients and general individuals.

 Snail meat is extremely delectable and broadly prominently acknowledged everywhere in Nigeria. What’s more, there is no strict or ancestral no-no devouring the snail meat.

 Snail has an extraordinary market everywhere in Nigeria and in the West African locales.

 The business assignments identified with snail cultivating in Nigeria like financing, creating, overhauling, handling, arranging, moving, and showcasing can make an extraordinary area of work of jobless individuals.

 Domestic snail cultivating in Nigeria can get together the family sustenance requests.

 Commercial snail creation can diminish the importation of frozen meat or fish from the unfamiliar country. This can set aside cash and make the economy of Nigeria solid.

 Through general business snail cultivation in Nigeria, some additional pay can be made alongside satisfying the public need.

 Establishing a snail ranch in Nigeria by utilizing current advancements, require less capital venture and produces much inside an exceptionally brief period. Running costs are additionally exceptionally low.

 The risk of misfortunes is less contrasted with different kinds of domesticated animal cultivating frameworks.

 Every part of the snail’s body is usable.

 You can make multiple times more benefits from snail cultivation in Nigeria inside a year with no danger.

 Snail cultivating isn’t tedious and there is no pressure, scent, commotion, or aggravation.

 You can undoubtedly snail cultivating business with your present occupation.


From the above, you’ll see how profitable and beneficial snail farming/cultivation can be, you can start up one as a side business and make good money or for your personal consumption.

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