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Updated Roofing Sheet Price List In Nigeria 2034/2024

Roof Sheet Price List

Are you curious about the roof sheet price list? Keeping updated with current trends in roofing can seem one of the biggest challenges some construction companies face today.

Roof Sheet Price List

With this full list, you are now aware of all available options so that it will be easier for decision-making regarding what type to use and their associated costs. Keeping up-to-date on the prices of building materials is essential when planning a project. To help ease any worries about the cost involved in using different types of roof covering material. like aluminum roofs, Stone coated roofs, sumo roofs, Negerite Crete tiles/slate ruffles, or Corrugated Zinc tops.

We’ve compiled an accurate list outlining current rates across Nigeria’s major cities. This wealth of information ensures people have enough insight before committing resources. To ensure monetary goals remain achievable throughout the building process. Which gives peace of mind knowing whichever option chosen was informed by verifiable facts instead of speculation.

Updated Roofing Sheet Price List In Nigeria 2034/2024

The Nigerian construction industry has a variety of roofing material grades to meet virtually any design need. These sheets are often sold in square meters based on their thickness and gauge, which can range from 0.45mm to 0.75mm. However, sometimes, manufacturers or dealers may offer them in bundles or per ton prior to the milling process being complete. Usually, one bundle comprises 12 pieces of sheeting materials each.

Roof Sheet Price List

1. Aluminium Roofing Sheet Prices 

Statistics show that aluminum roofing sheets are currently the most popular type of roofing in Nigeria. We can attribute this popularity to their affordability, lightweight, durability, and resistance to corrosion and fire. They also provide a decent amount of insulation from both heat and sound. However, they have some disadvantages. During rainfall, they make a noise while the direct sun may cause them to creak slightly due to steady exposure.

Aluminum roofing sheets are constructed from pure aluminum or its alloys that may be combined with other elements such as copper, tin, manganese, silicon, and magnesium. This process strengthens the properties of aluminum to provide increased tensile strength, flexibility ductility, and better recyclability. These specialized materials can serve multiple purposes, including cladding on walls, fabricating smooth awnings gutters sidings, etc. Below are the various prices:

1. Long Span

  • 0.45mm- ₦2,800.
  • 0.55mm- ₦3,300.

2. Step Tile

  • 0.45mm- ₦3,000
  • 0.55mm- ₦3,500

3. Metcoppo

  • 0.45mm- ₦3,200
  • 0.55mm- ₦3,650

2. Stone Coated Roofing Sheet Prices 

Stone-coated roofing sheets have become widely popular due to their many desirable qualities, such as durability, dependability, and beauty. Additionally, they are a more environmentally friendly option when compared with other metal roofs on the market today. Their expensive cost is often counteracted because these tiles typically last longer than those made from aluminum or zinc. Which also requires regular maintenance costs during its lifetime.

This type of tile comes in many vibrant colors and designs like Bond, Classic designs, Shingles, Wooden shakes, Roman and Milano’s styles. Accompanied by associated accessories usually needed for installation including facial boards Ridge caps Valley gutters Side Caps Treated nails B.B C Repair kit etc. This majorly makes them perfect applicants for various high-budget projects around major cities where this product has seen an increase in demand recently. Below are the various prices:

1. Milano design

  • 0.45mm- ₦3,800
  • 0.55mm- ₦4,100

2. Shingles

  • 0.45mm- ₦3,700
  • 0.55mm- ₦4,000

3. Classic Design

  • 0.45mm- ₦3,750
  • 0.55mm- ₦3,900

4. Wooden Shak

  • 0.45mm- ₦4,900
  • 0.55mm- ₦4,000

5. Bond

  • 0.45mm- ₦3,800
  • 0.55mm- ₦4,100

6. Roman Design 

  • 0.45mm- ₦3,650
  • 0.55mm- ₦3,900

3. Swiss Roofing Sheet Prices

Being stone-coated, the Swiss roofing sheet can give a unique look and color to buildings that have it. Currently, it is sold for an average price of ₦5,000 -₦6,000 per meter squared in Nigeria today. It is one of the most costly yet alluring roofing materials available on the market.

4. Fibre Cement Roofing Sheet Prices

Although this has phased out, Fibre cement boards remain one of the preferred roofing materials. It is valued for its high insulating capacity as compared to traditional metal sheets. Despite their ease of breaking during transportation and installation processes, buyers find them much more durable than Zinc corrugated ones. Because of their higher resistance against weather elements like wind or corrosion protection from hail storms, etc. The prices are around ₦4,000-5000 per square meter on average in Nigeria is highly justified.

5. Roof Light Roofing Sheet Prices

Transparent or translucent roof sheets are available in a range of raw materials. Including fiberglass (also known as Glass Reinforced Polyester Resin (GRP) or Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP)), polycarbonate, and plastic. Fibreglass is the most popular material for these products because of its strength despite being lightweight. These kinds of roof sheets can come corrugated either plain or colored with various thicknesses such as 1mm, 2mm, 3m m4 mm, and above. They usually cost between ₦5,000-₦15,000 per square meter depending on quality requests from buyers. These sheeting systems allow natural light into desired spaces while still providing protection against rainfall interference.


The cost of roofing in Nigeria can be greatly affected by a variety of factors, such as the type and angle of the truss employed. Generally, steep-pitched roofs require more roof sheets than those with lower slopes. Complex designs necessitate greater materials when compared to simpler plans, not only that but also wider areas will cause an increase in overall costs for clients. You must take all these variables into account before deciding on any particular style or design.

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