Can Parachute Solve Ehang 184 Safety Argument Problem?

Ehang 184 Safety Argument

Ehang 184 Safety Argument
Ehang 184 Safety Argument

Considering the fact that it is a new and amazing invention from the EHANG firm based in China, the EHANG 184 flying vehicle has become one of the leading amazing technology in recent times after it was showcased at the Customer electronic show in 2016.

The flying car has a unique difference from other existing technologies such as; helicopters and aircraft.

The rechargeable electric battery made it become the first electric flying car to be developed. Besides that; it has other amazing qualities which were explained HERE.

Ehang 184 Safety Argument
Ehang 184 Safety Argument

However, despite the good news, some experts have argued the safety of the vehicle since its control is completely automatic, such that it operates just like a robot after its setting, hence the user doesn’t need to have knowledge of piloting a plane to be able to use it.

From our previous post on this topic, we said that the major area eyes were raised was the possibility of the onboard tablet failing to respond to signal which the manufacturers offered a response to that.

Ehang 184 Safety Argument
Ehang 184 Safety Argument

Meanwhile, our question in this post is; if EHANG 184 is built with a mini Parachute, wouldn’t it improve the safety features?

Considering the role parachutes play in the aviation industry and mountain climbers to aid those falling down from the sky to do that without injury. It is also notable that every plane flying in the sky has parachuted in them meant for passengers in an emergency situation.

It is believed that an entire plane would have been built to hang in the air in the case of engine failure with the help of parachutes, but such was not the case due to the heavy nature of the entire plane weight which may not be possible for a single parachute to hold.

Meanwhile, considering the design of EHANG 184 which leaves it with no wings that could aid to make a smooth fall in the case of failure.

And if EHANG 184 weighs only 440 pounds, it means that a well-reinforced parachute can help it to land safely in the case of any electronic or mechanical failure which will not only save the vehicle from damage but will also secure the life of the passenger in it.

Ehang 184 Safety Argument
Ehang 184 Safety Argument

Notwithstanding the above point; a parachute may become the answer that those seeking the passenger’s safety may have from the firm as a more reliable and trusted answer.

The EHANG firm had earlier made an open statement in regard to passenger safety by saying that their control unit monitors all the flights of EHANG 184 such that they can intervene in an emergency situation.

But does that include when someone in Nigeria is making a flight with EHANG 184?

Will the firm monitor the freight from China?

If the answer is “YES”, then we have got no reason to worry about passengers’ safety since the warranty comes from the manufacturers.

But if the answer is “NO” then the firm such consider adding features like an emergency parachute at the equilibrium location of the vehicle.

The best place to attach such a design may be above the head of the passenger which could enable the parachute to eject from the top of the EHANG 184 in the case of emergency in the air.

Ehang 184 Safety Argument
Ehang 184 Safety Argument


However, this post is just an expression of opinion from the author hence other views and opinions from anyone in regard to it will be accepted and appreciated, our comment form is available for that purpose.

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