Powerful Features of Incoming New Smartphone From VIVO in 2022

Facts About the Incoming New Smartphone From VIVO in 2022

Smartphone features are taking new dimensions as every brand is trying its best to stand out and have ways of attracting more buyers. Within the past five years, there have been continuous improvements in smartphone technology. These improvements surround the addition of special features such as the advancements in smartphone cameras resulting in the modern use of the AI camera in smartphones. There has been a significant increase in RAMs and Memory storage capacities.

The competition has not stopped. It is a good thing to see manufacturers struggle their possible best to offer the best to the public. From foldable screen smartphones made by Samsung to liquid/unbreakable screen smartphones. Now comes another innovation in smartphone production from VIVO which is the inclusion of surveillance cameras in their upcoming smartphone.

Vivo is one of the top-known and highly-rated smartphone manufacturers globally. The company has maintained the reputation of producing quality smartphones with unique features and has been advancing alongside others in terms of the inclusion of more features.

The recent innovation of VIVO is to have an in-built camera drone as part of the new smartphone. The camera drone can be ejected out of the phone just like a removable battle. It will be used to fly around the surroundings to get video coverage and be controlled remotely through a smartphone mobile app installed on the phone.

The size of the camera drone will be very small to allow it to fit into the space provided in the head section of the phone. There will rechargeable inbuilt battle accompanying the camera drone which will allow it operate wirelessly within close range.

This type of innovation has been seen to be very useful in surveillance jobs and security surveys of the environment. VIVO’s idea on this phone portrays an image of a smartphone whose use exceeds the conventional smartphones known to call, message, and entertainment.

However, going through public reactions, some VIVO fans and customers are suggesting that the camera drone should be added to the smartphone as an accessory in its packet to allow enough space for the smartphone battery. They believe that the phone may end up having poor battery capacity due to the space that will be allocated to the camera drone which will occupy some parts meant for the phone battery.

Meanwhile, VIVO has not released the final stage production and date of its release yet. It is believed that they are gathering information from the public for better improvement of the new smartphone.

the Incoming New Smartphone From VIVO in 2022
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