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How to Hide Number on Glo

How to Hide Number on Glo

How to hide number on Glo? You may want to hide their caller identification for various purposes. Privacy protection, using work phones, and avoiding telemarketers who could add you to their database system.

How to Hide Number on Glo

These are just some of the common reasons people might choose to conceal their identity when making a call. Knowing how to mask your number on different networks as well as on your phone regardless of which service you’re connected to is therefore an important skill. For anyone looking to ensure extra privacy while calling someone else. We have made a practical and concise guide for Glo users on how to hide number on Glo sim cards.

How to Hide Number on Glo?

You can conceal your phone number from the person you’re calling on a single-call basis by inputting a specific code prior to dialing in the recipient’s number. The exact code may vary depending on where you are, but it generally includes either *31# or #31#. To execute this, simply type one of these codes into your keypad before entering the other party’s contact information and hit the “call button.”

  • Dial *31# or #31# on your phone.
  • After entering the code, dial the recipient’s number immediately without any spaces, as shown here: *31#08000001232
  • Hit the call button, your number will be hidden for that specific call.

How to Hide Number on Glo Via Number Privacy?

Another way to hide a number on Glo is using the permanent number privacy method. To keep your phone number hidden for all outgoing calls, it is a good idea to reach out to Glo customer service. With their help, you will set up permanent caller ID blocking on your account so that no one else can view or access the information associated with each call.

Why Should You Hide Your Caller ID?

How to Hide Number on Glo

Here are different reasons one can decide to hide their number before making a call:

1. Calling Telemaekerters

If you’re tired of being bombarded by telemarketer calls, there are steps that can be taken to try and reduce them. You could call the telemarketing company back on a separate line from your primary contact number in order to ask for your primary numbers to be removed from their call list. However, even if the current number used to call is visible, they may still retain both phone numbers. Also, this can be used when you want to make a one-time purchase from telemarketers. This way they can not save your calling ID to their database system.

2. Desires to Stay Anonymous

Making an anonymous call can be beneficial when relaying information about something you have seen, like a criminal activity. This way, the details can be provided to law enforcement without having to disclose your identity.

3. Security

These days, individuals with ulterior motives are capable of doing a great deal with your phone number. You can find yourself in an undesirable situation such as caller spoofing plans or data breaches if you’re not careful. To defend against this risk, covering up your ID when calling anybody who may threaten the confidentiality of your information is advised.

4. Calling From Work

When using a work-issued cell phone, you might not want the ID to be shown. It is ideal for employees to hide a calling ID when using a phone from their workplace. If your work phone ID is visible, you can receive obtrusive calls that are work-unrelated during working hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can the person I’m calling still see my number if they have a special caller ID feature?

In some cases, even if you hide your number, the recipient may have a caller ID feature that can override the anonymous call setting. However, most standard caller ID displays will not show your number when you use the #31# code.

2. Can I hide my number on Glo for SMS (text messages) as well?

No, hiding your number on Glo typically applies only to voice calls. SMS messages will still display your number to the recipient unless you have a specific texting app or service that offers anonymity.

3. How do I confirm if my number is hidden on Glo before making a call?

You can test whether your number is hidden on Glo by calling a friend or another phone you have access to and verifying if your number is displayed as “Private,” “Anonymous,” or something similar on the recipient’s phone.

4. Are there any charges for hiding my number on Glo?

Generally, there are no additional charges for hiding your number on Glo. However, it’s a good idea to check with Glo’s customer service or your specific tariff plan for any potential fees or terms that may apply.

5. Can I hide my number on Glo for all outgoing calls automatically?

Yes, you can set up your phone to hide your number on all outgoing calls automatically. Check your phone’s settings under “Caller ID” or “Show My Caller ID” and select the option to hide your number.

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