If you’re looking for a guide on how to plan your events, you’re in the right place. This article contains steps on how to effectively organize an event.


They are:

1. The objectives and goals of the event should be set

This is the first step you have to take before planning any event. You should know why you are organising the event and what you plan on gaining from the event. Knowledge of the goals of the event will enable you to make sure that every aspect of your event goes according to plan.

2. Get together your team

A cooperative team is required for a successful event. Roles should be assigned to team members to create an accountable system. An organized team will prevent negligence of duties.

3. Set up your budget

This is a very vital aspect of event planning. Crucial expenses that your budget should contain are :


The place where the event will hold which will involve renting. Cost of this should be included.


This includes the food and drinks that will be given to the guests. The cost of food and drinks that you can afford should be proportional to the number of available tickets for sale.


This includes music DJ’s, performances from bands and more.


This has to do with beatification of the event environment.


It is important to include the cost of transportation and accommodation for your recruited staff.


For advertisement of your event which can be through social media like Facebook and Instagram.

4. Pick a date

You should consider the following in picking a date for your event.

  • Time frame ; it is ideal to use at Least 4-6 months to plan for your event. This however will depend on the type of event.
  • Be cautious of religious and public holidays.

5. Craft out a master event plan

After you must have gotten an estimate of the costs, and the timeline, its time to get down to the main plan. A master plan will ensure that every aspect of your event goes according to plan.

Your master plan should contain:

  • The venue, catering services, logistics.
  • Speakers And MC’s
  • Entertainment
  • Social media promotion
  • Registration which includes online sign up, payment etc

In the course of planning your event, make out a timeline so that every aspect of the event proceeds accordingly.

6. Get a venue booked

Once you have set your date,  the next thing is to book your venue. Before you can advertise and promote your event, the date and venue for the event should be all set. You need to consider the following when booking a venue:


The entrance to the event should be easily accessible to people. There should be directions to male and female restrooms.  The above and many other factors should be considered in picking a venue comfortable for your guests.


There should be adequate space to accommodate all your guests.

Parking :

There should be parking lot for car owners at your event venue and easily accessible by public transit users.


Get to know all the cost involved in booking your choice venue before going further.

7. Event branding

Get an eye catching theme that will distinguish your event from the competition. You have to come up with a unique name, a slogan describing the event and a logo to represent your event.

8.Partner with organisations and potential sponsors .

9.Create a publicity plan

This can be through the use of social media, email marketing, announcement on webpages, and more. You will also have to include acknowledgements of sponsors after the event.

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