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How The New Delivery Robot By Magna Can Save Cost

How The New Delivery Robot By Magna Can Save Cost

The modern goods/order delivery method aided by autonomous robots is taking different dimensions through the making of diverse delivering robotic vehicles. A lot of such inventions have been shown and more are still coming.

The whole idea is to have a safe and quick delivery of orders to the customers. You might not have heard about the latest electric autonomous delivering vehicle made by Magna technology to deliver parcels, pizzas, and other lightweight items.

The robotic vehicles have been under testing and were recently deployed by a pizza-making venture to deliver pizzas safely to their customers. By design, the vehicle has three tires two at the front and one at the back. The mini-size electric vehicle can attain a speed of 20 mph to make a quick delivery to customers.

This feature will help to reduce last-mile delivery costs and carbon emissions in urban areas. In addition, the electric robotic vehicle is equipped with AI cameras, radar, and LIDAR to enhance its functionalities. According to the report, the robot was launched on a pilot basis in the Detriot area in March 2022.

How self driving cars work
How self-driving cars work

The next special robotic delivery autonomous vehicles have similar functionalities with varying designs and sizes. Some of them are the ones shown here. The mini-size Uber delivering robot is one of them, the starship model of the autonomous delivering vehicle is another one and lots more.

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