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Food Processing Tech.: How Juice Manufacturing are Done in Automated System

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Facts About Juice Manufacturing using Automated System

This is a detailed demonstration of how the regular fruit juice you consume are produced in the factory. Though factories differ as well as their manufacturing setup and procedures, the recent revelation from an automated juice making factory shows how juice are produced in their hundreds including their bottling process.

Processes in Automated Manufacturing of Juice

The first process shows the juice extraction unit where the juice is being extracted from the raw fruits, at this stage the needed raw materials are brought together which are mostly fruits and related farm produce.

The second process involves the addition of necessary additives including the flavors and sweeteners everything being mixed automatically with the aid of the automated mixing handles.

The next stage involve the bottle lining/assembling. First of the bottles are automatically watched in the production line and positioned for filling.

With the aid of properly arranged stainless steel piping the juice flow through the line to the dispensing unit at specified volume per seconds. Everything is done automatically, at this stage, the dispenser fills each bottle with juice according to the timed volume/quantity per second.  

Bottling filling with the juice continues until the juice reserved container is empty. At the end the total number of bottles filled is the volume of the juice produced. Meanwhile, while bottle filling with juice is running at the middle stage, the bottle corking/sealing unit is located next to the filling unit such that each bottle that leaves the filling unit receives its own cover/sealing automatically at the next stage.

The last stage is where the finished product which is a sealed juice bottles are collected and packaged inside a carton for delivery purpose. The number of carton produced per day is determined by the number of juice bottles.

The automated arrangement of the factory makes it very easy to produce large volume of fruit juice within a short time. The seamless setup and processing arrangements ensures quality as well as quantity in the production target.

Video Demonstration of the Automated Manufacturing of Juice

The video below shows simple demonstration of how the fruit juice manufacturing company oerates. Use the comment section to drop your feedback to regarding what you think in this production setup.

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