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Features of Cheetah Mimicking Robot Made By DARPA Research Institute

The running Cheetah robot

Features of Cheetah Mimicking Robot

It was on the web a few weeks ago that Mr. Jason the CEO of Amazon was seen taking a walk on the street with his robotic dog during the last robot exhibition show.

Features Of Cheetah Mimicking Robot
Features Of Cheetah Mimicking Robot

The idea of having animal robots was not limited to dogs alone. Proof of this was seen when the DARPA research institute displayed their newly developed cheetah robot on the web.

The robot has a unique appearance and walking posture with an accurate resemblance to a cheetah. A cheetah is a fast-running animal that belongs to the cat’s family similar to the leopard and tiger.

Features Of Cheetah Mimicking Robot
Features Of Cheetah Mimicking Robot

The animal can be seen in deep forests, zoos, and residents having it as a companion.

Since the cheetah is a fast running animal it means the robot cheetah should also be fast running robot.

Besides that, the cheetah is known for making long jumps and high jumps while running, therefore, its robot is expected to have the same features and that was the exact answer the DARPA team provided in this new robot.

The cheetah robot which was shown in over 3 minutes video making a fast run and jumping to cover over 100 meters distance within 0.50 minutes can be said to be a unique and fast-moving robot.

The stability of the robot in its fast movements showed that it will be difficult for it to fall accidentally while moving. The four legs were properly positioned for high jumps, long jumps, and fast movement.

The outward appearance was uniquely made to look like the real cheetah even when the skin has not been worn on it.  

According to the engineer who was running a test on the robot to check its ability to detect obstacles, he said that the robot is equipped with a laser sensor system in its eyes.

Such that it can detect approaching obstacles from a distance due to the invisible laser beams and can quickly make a way to boycott the obstacle either by jumping, making a U-turn or changing another direction entirely.

The robot upon its completion is expected to challenge other animal robots in terms of functionalities.

It was also commented that the cheetah robot has the ability to know the thickness, height, and width of any approaching object which is the data it uses to make a quick decision regarding the next step to follow to avoid being hit or coming in contact with the obstacle.

Either by jumping over the obstacle, making a U-turn, or changing its location to dodge the obstacle, etc.

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