Features of Latest Drone Meant For Air and Water Operations(2022)

Features of a New Drone Meant For Air and Water Operations

Drone Meant For Air and Water Operations
Drone Meant For Air and Water Operations

Interesting engineering has revealed a newly made hybrid drone that flies both in water and in the air. The new drone is a water-resistant quadcopter named “aquadrone”. It has the ability of capturing the images and live video of aquatic lives up to the depth of 57meters.

According to a source, the hybrid drone had been used for the fishing purpose in both salt sea water and fresh water. It is an ideal machine for precise pod baiting during fishing. It swims across the shallow level of the sea to capture all the data needed to launch a precise fishing attack.

The sonar pod reads at maximum depths of 57 and sends information that is up to 107 meters far.

Its waterproof helps the user to fish via detachable pods. It is well-equipped that its 4k film pod captures both underwater and aerial shots, therefore, it’s a good device for precise bait drop during fishing using its fish pod and controlling everything remotely.

The drone is not artificial intelligence based machine rather it operates like the conventional drones which is remotely controlled mechanisms. As a small drone, it measures 516 millimeters X 516 millimeters square and has no negative effect while operating in salt and freshwater.

Below is a sample of the drone performance in a video coverage:

Hybrid #drone will go alive between in the air and water via @IntEngineering #tech #data #robot @MHiesboeck @JGrobicki @helene_wpli @DioFavatas @rajat_shrimal @Ronald_vanLoon @rajasdaithankar @reach2ratan @sebasincha @SpirosMargaris @HaroldSinnott pic.twitter.com/QxOBCijAsB

— Kohei Kurihara (@kuriharan) July 14, 2018

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