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How Xpression Camera Hits Software Market with Unique Features(Video)

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Xpression Camera Hits Software Market with Unique Features

You may have seen some videos circulating online where pictures are animated to speak with a different voice from the voice of the person in the picture. Beyond that, there are other unique features following such videos such as smiles and other facial expressions.

This is the handwork of the newly-invented software application known as Xpression Camera. This new software recently hit the software market and since then has been transforming video creation features. It is playing a vital role in the making of simple comedy clips.

According to the developers, the Xpression camera was actually made to help in video conferences and video calls where the user does not want their actual face to show up on the camera but rather use a properly prepared picture that suits the purpose of the camera. As the user is speaking off-camera, the prepared picture speaks in animated features in a manner that appear almost real.

This is one of the software that has found its usefulness beyond the initial purpose of the invention. It has become a vital tool in the hand of content creators and comedians since it is very easy to apply its features in the creation of videos.

The software comes in two versions; one is the free version which the user can continue to use freely but with limited access to premium features. The other is the pro-version known as the premium version loaded with many special features and the ability to have unlimited access to the manipulative features of the software.

The Xpression camera-free version allows the user to use the software’s default face images and default backgrounds in making videos and answering video calls. Meanwhile, the premium (paid) version offers the same features of default face image and default backgrounds but additionally features video recording, personal/local image importation from your device, image searching, and virtual background customization.

The software company offers free 7 days trial for the premium version which afterward, the user will be charged $8 US dollars per month or $84 US dollars per year depending on the user preference.

The video below illustrates some of the features associated with this new software. Experts said users can even do more with it.

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