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Top 6 Major Facts Why Cars Somersault

A car somersaulting

Facts Why Cars Somersault

Still wondering why our visitors are asking “why cars somersault”. To give an answer to that famous search, let us understand what it means for a car to somersault.

Why Cars Somersault
Why Cars Somersault

Somersaulting of a car is a very frequently occurring incident in vehicles and is a major source of most bloody car accidents on the roads.

A car is said to somersault if it loses control of the driver and slips off the road without stopping and then starts rolling itself either in its sideways or its forward direction. It is an extreme level of car damage and exposure of driver and passengers life to danger.

It will be seen as a miracle if no passenger or driver or the entire people in a car were found to be alive after a serious car somersaults.

A car that somersaults has no limit or a specified number of rolling as it slips off the road, rather factors that shall determine how long it will keep rolling itself can be linked to what actually caused the car to start somersaulting.

If at extreme speed, then expect multiple times of rolling but if slopy, lack of streamlining, or pothole factors, then expect few rolling.

Why Cars Somersault
Why Cars Somersault

The rule of car somersaults is that the number of times the car somersaults; the less damage to the car and less harm to the passengers in it.

Therefore; if a car somersaults up to 5 times at high speed, it is likely that no one in it will be alive and the car will require a huge sum of money to be put into use again.

Why Cars Somersault
Why Cars Somersault

Meanwhile, without wasting much time let us treat the major factors that could cause a car to somersault.  

A car moving on the road at an average speed of the car’s manufacturer specified speed ratings can rarely somersault except on a few occasions which we shall also discuss.

So to sum it up; the following can be termed as major factors for somersaulting of cars:

Why Cars Somersault
Why Cars Somersault


The reason overspeeding made the first list is because, with proper speed control, other factors can be controlled to avoid the somersault from occurring.

Over speeding is said to take place when a vehicle is moving beyond the actual recommended speed on that road.

Every road has its recommended speed based on certain factors. In some countries like Nigeria, for example, the FRSC (federal roads safety corps) monitors every car moving on federal roads to check for their safety and the safety of the roads as well to help minimize accidents on the roads.

For that reason; the agency monitors everything in the cars that move on such roads primarily including the car’s speed.

The agency has recommended speeds for every car moving on such roads, therefore; they monitor them for safety reasons and any offender will be made to pay a fine or have their driving license seized.

Over speeding contributes to over 70% of cases of car somersaults based on records across the globe.


Though not peculiar in developed countries, any expressway that has dangerous potholes is a trap for cars at high speed or cars driving at average speed but were overloaded.

Such a trap is a source for car somersaults, if any car in the two categories mentioned above come across such an expressway there is an 80% chance that it will somersault.

Looking across the globe you will observe that potholes are not permitted to exist on the expressways or roads for this reason, because cars moving on such roads will always be at Average speed, so if any of them is overloaded it could lead to their falling at dangerous potholes.


With everything being in order, a serious absent-mindedness from the driver could cause a car to somersault.

The question is “How?” if driving at an average speed on a good road but lacks concentration; there may be a signpost indication of road signs that the driver is expected to take note of, but could not.

Also, the sign may be indicating a sharp slope behind a T- junction but the driver could not notice due to the lack of concentration. Hence, driving the car with the speed into such a slope and making it slip off the track and somersaults.


A car may be driving at high speed without somersaulting but when the car accidentally hits an obstacle on the road which could make the tire either pull off, burst or got the rim or rims deformed then it will probably slip off the road and start somersaulting.


Streamlining is very vital in engineering designs so that air resistance can be minimized. A car with a poor streamlining design will suffer high air resistance while moving on the road.

The higher the speed of such a car, the higher the air resistance and the more dangerous it is for the car to somersault.

The majority of low-top, ground-fitted-flat-top cars like sports cars, have lower air resistance on the road even at high speed.

But cars like; buses, trucks, and other high-top brands have high air resistance on the road and cannot move at the same speed as sports cars even if their engines have such power outputs because if they do, then they risk somersaults.


Just as mentioned in item 3, a sharp slope or unknown shortened road will cause a car at high speed that has no such notice to fly off the road and possibly starts somersaulting.

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