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Top 4 Awesome Ways Of Making Shoes Last Longer

Shoe making in Nigeria

Understand The Major Ways Of Making Shoes Last Longer

Having a quality shoe is very important but knowing ways of making Shoes last longer will go a long way in ensuring that any type of shoe model you purchase from the market would last, irrespective of the quality of the shoe.

Even most of the claimed quality shoes do get spoilt within a short time due to wrong handling, while the brands tagged as lower quality may last longer in terms of durability in the hand of anyone with good knowledge of shoe maintenance.


what is shoe maintenance?

How best can I handle my expensive shoes to ensure I enjoy the full payback of the cost of purchase?

What can I do if I purchased shoes of low quality?

Or how can I handle my cheap shoes to ensure they last for me?

All these questions and more are what we shall be dealing with in this post.

Ways Of Making Shoes Last Longer
Ways Of Making Shoes Last Longer

First of all, acquiring the knowledge in this post will not guarantee that your shoes wouldn’t get spoilt but it will ensure that the lifespan of your shoes is extended. 

Basically, there are several ways in the past and present which people use to maintain their shoes, but here we shall be dealing with the proven practical ways.

Most shoes in the market today were made with leather, and as such requires all the treatment given to leather to retain its natural strength and last longer.

Ways Of Making Shoes Last Longer

To ensure the durability of your shoes these methods of handling are expected from you;

 Ensure the shoe is dried always:

This is one of the ways of making Shoes last longer. One-way types of leather get weak easily is when they are exposed to a source of liquids such as water or other solvents by penetrating into the shoe leather and making it become weak.

When such a condition is created repeatedly in the shoe the adhesive materials used in bonding the various leather in the shoe will start losing their bonding strength and making it possible for either the sole of the shoe or other parts to easily fall off.

Ensure you do not use fake liquid polish on your shoe:

This is one of the ways of making Shoes last longer. Liquid polish costs higher than the solid type yet their counterfeit can easily be made by locals in that field, yet most of these counterfeit liquid polish may even appear very nice and similar to the quality types.

The disadvantage of using this fake liquid polish is that it will make the layers of the shoe leather start peeling off, which is the starting point of the leather decay and ugly appearance.

 Never die your shoe color:

This is one of the ways of making Shoes last longer. This is a common mistake usually applied by many people trying to modernize their shoes or perhaps change the color to a suitable one, hence they will resort to using a new color of the die to change the color of their shoe leather.

Though this action may not immediately damage the shoe leather, it can easily make the shoe start developing what shoemakers refer to as “color combination lines” this condition is a situation where several lines different from the actual color of the shoe will start appearing on the surface of the shoe, leading to ugly look of the shoe.

Though these lines can be hidden with a polish within a few hours they can become visible despite the presence of the polish.

Subject your new shoe for sole protection:

This is one of the ways of making Shoes last longer. one way quality shoes can be rendered useless is through the sole.

When the sole of the shoe had washed or chopped off following the prolonged use, the shoe will lose its ground balance and may start incurring pain on the feet of the user during a long walk.

To avoid such a scenario it will be necessary to give your new shoe to shoemakers to add a layer under the shoe sole. Such that any decrease in height will affect only the attached layer which can be removed anytime and attached new one.


There may be other basic ways of maintaining your shoes but these mentioned methods are proven to be very effective both for high quality and low-quality shoes. You can give us your feedback through the comment section.

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