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Top 8 Easy Steps To Make A Bar Soap At Home

Samples of finished and solidified Bar Soaps

Steps To Make A Bar Soap At Home

There is a popular saying that no knowledge is a waste, the same is the case in trying to learn the basic Steps To Make A Bar Soap At Home.

There is no need for anyone to limit his or her knowledge in one area of specialization, situations may arise that knowledge in other fields may be used for survival.

The instability in economies has made it necessary to learn any skill that comes your way since the future is unpredictable.

Soap making is a very lucrative skill that most people take as a hobby, while others take it as an opportunity for a business venture. The truth is that such skill can earn you employment even without school certificate.

We shall be discussing in details how to make a bar soap from the comfort of your home. The process of making bar soap will require the following:

A heap of ashes of hard wood for the making of alkaline potassium or caustic soda,( this process can be by-passed by just buying the caustic soda from the chemical market), the material which some people call “lye” is obtained from ashes of hard wood.

Top 8 Easy Steps To Make A Bar Soap At Home
Top 8 Easy Steps To Make A Bar Soap At Home

A bottle of either; vegetable oil, palm oil, or olive oil, or the both of any of them.

A fragrance additive in the form of perfume to add good smell to the bar soap.

A bar soap hardener, an additive to help the soap solidify easily.

Things you will need includes;

A small bowl that is resistant to chemical attack and heat impacts, such as plastic bowl or glass bowl.

A wooden or plastic turner for the stirring of mixtures.

A heating material in the form of flame and stainless pot.

Top 8 Easy Steps To Make A Bar Soap At Home

Below is the procedure showing all the necessary steps to make a Bar Soap at home:

Steps To Make A Bar Soap At Home
Steps To Make A Bar Soap At Home
  1. Dissolve a specific volume of the caustic soda in water by pouring the soda in side water and stirring the content until its mix very well with the water, note that this stage produces heat, hence; caution must be paid when adding the caustic soda in water and you must not do it with a bare hand (use rubber hand glove).
  2. After adding the mixtures in stage 1, there will an increase in temperature of the content which shall be felt from the side of the bowl. Take the required quantity of oil for the soap production and place it in a pot having a flame under it, heat the oil to a similar temperature with that of the content in stage 1.
  3. Pour the content of the caustic soda and water into the pot of oil and start stirring until everything becomes homogenous.
  4. Add colorant and perfume additives into the mixture in stage 3 and stir again until it turns into paste thickness.
  5. When it has started becoming sticky, position your box mold for the molding of the soap into bar soap.
  6. Depending on the shape of your mold, your soap will always take the shape of your mold when solidified. Empty the content in stage 4 into your mold and tap gently to ensure air bubbles were removed, then cover the mold and keep in a secured place where children will not have access to it.
  7. Leave the soap for about 48 hours to become solid.
  8. If the mold formed a very long bar soap, use a knife to cut it into required sizes.

Note that, soap making involves the use of chemicals, hence; proper application of safety procedures is required, including wearing of PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT (PPE), an example of such are; eye google, noise mask, rubber hand glove, and rubber foot wear, etc.


It is also very important to consult numerous posts online or read books that teach about steps to make a Bar Soap at home, so you can learn more including the required mixing ratio of chemicals and making of different brands of soap. Join communities and forums online that teach about the topic for more updates.

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