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Why Statistics Included South Korea Among The Top Robotic Industrialized Nations In The World


Is South Korea Among The Top Robotic Industrialized Nations?

South Korea Among The Top Robotic Industrialized Nations
South Korea Among The Top Robotic Industrialized Nations

South Korea had been rated to be among the top ten countries in the world that make use of robots the most.

According to the report released by the World Economic Forum (WEF), it says that South Korean industries make use of more than 631 robots in every 10,000 human workers in any industry in the country which is the highest proportion so far in anywhere in the world.

The report was made when the WEF was compiling the list of the top ten countries in the world that have already started using robots for major industrial purposes, especially the manufacturing aspects.

South Korea was found to be a country with so much commitment to Robotic technology that the quantity of products coming out from the country outweighs that of some countries with a larger population.

Almost every factory, warehouse, supermarket, and medium scale industries in the country has various types of robots that suit their mode of operation, that has not only helped increase their efficiency, it has also made their industries to be growing faster due to the increased output in their operations.

A country with such robotic presence can easily compete in any production target with other nations and it can make a small population acquire the ability for incredible mass production of goods with accuracy.

The industrial robots with flexible arms numbering in the hundreds were captured by the WEF during the video covering.

The robots were featured carrying out a series of activities in a production line with the help of their flexible arms and joints. Robots are helping the South Korean industries to overcome the backdrop of human workers.

WEF went ahead to name other countries with heavy robotic technology presence in them, and they includes; Taiwan, China, Belgium, and few Asian countries, etc. however, in the report, Europe and America were rated to be higher based on the thousands of industries that exist in them.

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