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Simulation Engineering: Installation Process Of CNC Simulation Software

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Installation Process Of CNC Simulation Software

Simulation Engineering: Installation Process Of CNC Simulation Software
Simulation Engineering: Installation Process Of CNC Simulation Software

Simulation engineering has become a practical approach to modern engineering productions. Its benefits have made the system a vital aspect of modern designing and manufacturing process. There are various ways simulations are being carried out in the industries.

Simulation is not far from artificial intelligence, or it may be regarded as a whole system that already contains an artificial intelligence technology. Simulation engineering could be a complete setup of all the automation system assisted by some AI software.

Using simulation for industrial machines will require a suitable software meant for such purpose. A good example of a simulation software meant for the control of industrial machines is the CNC-Simulator.

The software is a modern simulation system meant to control the operations of the modern CNC industrial machines. The robotic operations of such machines depend on the simulation system. In other words, the simulation software may be seen as an artificial intelligence system itself before having the potential of sending useful information to the machines.

CNC-Simulator is a software that is made to provide the CNC community with a versatile and contemporary Full 3D CNC machine simulator with CAD/CAM capabilities. The CNC simulator. 

The software is meant for everyone with an internet connection and the Windows operating system. In the simulator, you can find a different types machines like the milling machines, routers, Hobby machines, Lathes, Cutters, 3D printer and more.

Some of the simulation software can have the training for their operations on their respective websites. Some of the training packages may include videos and audio recording. The training is aimed at helping newbies in the simulation engineering to have a better understanding of how the system works.

CNC Simulator is a contemporary CAD/CAM system and an advanced CNC programming editor, a 3D model milling software, a gear creator, and a training tool in the field of modern manufacturing processes.

Besides the CNC-simulator, there are other software such as the SES-Mill and others meant for the main purpose of simulation engineering. CNC machines have become the major category of industrial machines found suitable for automation operations and its subsequent robotic production.

The benefits found in CNC machines have made it the center part of all robotic/automated machining systems and industrial operations.

Even some industrial robots used for specific operations in the industries do have one thing or the other in common with the CNC machines especially when it comes to the programming aspects.

The sole aim of modern engineering is to achieve automation in all aspects of life. However, the focus on CNC machines became necessary to do to the higher demand from investors in industries.

It seems like those investing in industrial machines automation have a higher chance of recovering their money than those in the other sector. Besides, a majority of modern industries are already automated either with CNC machines or with direct programming or mechanized automation system.

How to install a simulation software

Since there are lots of simulation software in modern engineering, let’s discuss the procedure for installing ‘SES156’ which is just one of them.

To install the software, you will need to visit the official site, make the necessary entry or payment in order to obtain a license.

Login into the software portal or webpage.

Download the package to a folder in your PC.

In file explorer of windows, browse to the folder in which the package has been downloaded.

Start the SES software installation package, SES156.exe. A wizard will be shown with a default location to where the extraction of the files will occur. It is strongly recommended to use this default location for the extraction. Click on the “next” button to begin the extraction process.

The installation package will automatically extract the distribution files from the package to the chosen extraction path. The software installation program, setup.exe. Will automatically start from the extracted location.

Proceed with the installation dialogs of SES software, the installer will install other items that accompany the software for its proper functions.


However, the research made at the time of writing this post did not specify if any of the above-mentioned software is used practically in the industries for production purpose. But in a clear term, some had been made available online only for the purpose of training and understanding of simulation engineering.

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