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The SES-Mill Software And Its Installation Procedure

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SES-Mill Software And Its Installation Procedure

SES-Mill Software And Its Installation Procedure
SES-Mill Software And Its Installation Procedure

The SES-MILL software is an automation tool meant for modern CNC machines.  It has different versions and similar software meant for the same purpose. However, the type shared by SESeng’s website revealed a new set of automation products.

It is a mill view system software that analyses the milling operations of the machines using colorful graphics displays to highlight specific mill process parameters and allows for the examination of setup data for each billet rolled.

The mill operators and rollers can assess causes of cobbles, improve mill setup practices (i.e. compare existing setups to actual), and predict equipment deterioration.

The PLC-based rolling speed control system provides high-performance mill setup and control functions for the processing of long products in a continuous rolling mill.

The machine control unit has a complete real-time PC-based simulator for preliminary mill tune-up and operator training. Its powerful windows NT-based HMI screens with built-in provide help menus for the operator to be more effective in processing tonnage.

The advantages of SES-MILL software

  • It is a powerful and reliable PLC-based control system.
  • It has user-friendly features coupled with functional HMI screens
  • It helps to shorten the commissioning period
  • It provides switchover retrofit for existing systems
  • It is easier to understand and maintain
  • It is fully tested prior to commissioning on a virtual mill simulator
  • It has the inclusion of a rolling schedule server
  • It possesses a flexible configuration of working stands
  • It contains the installation process and its operational training
  • It also has a remote support unit

Features of SES-Mill Software

The features of the SES-MILL software as an automation tool include:

  • Mill configuration setup
  • Mill preparation and startup
  • Cascade speed control
  • Inter-stand tension control utilizing Neuro-fuzzy algorithms
  • Loop control
  • Crop shear head and tail crop length control
  • Divide shear/divide cut length control and optimization
  • Process monitoring
  • Pre-configured trends for process diagnostics data logging
  • Diagnostics and alarms
  • Delay logging.

SES-Mill Software Application And Its Installation Procedure

SES-Mill software is a window application program. Here is its installation procedure for windows;

  • Boot the computer that makes use of the required window
  • Slot the SES-Mill software into the drive and wait for it to show up on the PC screen
  • Copy the SES-Mill sub-directly from the drive and paste it directly onto the hard disk
  • Create a shortcut to the software SES-Mill.exe as the sub-directory
  • Move the short-cut to the click top windows
  • Turn on the machine and connect the required terminal to the PC, then launch the program on the PC screen

The remaining aspect of the machine operation and control through the software will be based on the training obtained in the use of the software and general automation system. For instance, connecting it with the CNC milling machine;

The TPS-3910, CNC milling power supply is an external AC/DC converter that supplies a low DC voltage (24v) to the TPS-3910 controller.

The inlet terminal can found behind the panel, and connect the AC/DC converter output cables to the TPS-3920 power inlet terminals noting the color coding.

The serial communication cable CBL-1 supplied is a 3-wire cable with a D-connector on one side and an earphone plug on the other side.

Connect the D-connector cable to the serial communication outlet of the PC, and the earphone plug to the earphone inlet on the TPS-3910 which is located on the right side of the machine panel, the same side as the RST button.

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  1. kindly send me the software to interface TPS 3910 CNC Milling Machine Training System.

    This will enable use the module for training after a long period of abandon and disconnection.

    Thanks in anticipation.

    Mechanical Instructor
    Ekiti State University, Nigeria

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