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Invention: Tech Insider Unveils Self-Powered Aircraft Made in Switzerland(Video)

a commercial airplane with double engine system

Invention: Tech Insider Unveils Self-Powered Aircraft Made in Switzerland

Archaeopteryx personal hang glider is the name. Wonder what that means? It is simply a self-powered aircraft that flies by simply gliding in the air. The recent innovations in the transportation sector have taken a new dimension to the aviation unit. The making of a self-powered Aircraft referred to as a glider made by Ruppert Composite based in Switzerland has shown another level of possibility on how we could actually fly in the air without an engine-powered aircraft.

In a demonstration of the glider possibilities, it revealed that an individual can launch the self-powered aircraft into the air and fly with it by simply gliding in the air through the control of the aircraft wings to slide through the air and exert pushing force on the aircraft.

Though operated for demonstration purposes, this new innovation suggests great possibilities if the invention could be improved on in the future. However, it could certainly have great disadvantages since it will rely on the wind in the air to fly.

According to a report, the Archaeopteryx personal hang glider is a lightweight simple aircraft meant for a single user in other words it is a private self-powered aircraft. The weight is very light yet it maintains a strong body structure because it was built with composite materials. The wings are detachable to make them easy to carry to the launching location and other transportation purposes.

It has an enclosed cockpit meant for a single user making it to have mini-size. Below the cockpit is an opening-and-closing floor that allows the user to launch the aircraft by standing and running. It is actually interesting to have the experience of flying with such a noiseless aircraft that simply fly in the air like birds. What do you think?

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