Top 7 Mindful Safety Observations When Using Toilet Seats

Safety Observations When Using Toilet

Going to the toilet is a daily activity in which everyone is involved. It is a necessary part of human life to visit the lavatories regularly.

Therefore it is important we draft out some rules from the mistakes in the past that have actually led to accidents or unexpected reactions while using the toilet.

In such instants I made a series of research to come up with a few safety tips for using the toilet and here are some of them:

Top 7 Mindful Safety Observations When Using Toilet Seats

  • According to the toilet safety tips released by the plumbing supplying organizations, the rule on standing on the top of the ceramic seats in the toilet comes first. The reason for the emphasis is due to previous accidents such action had caused.
  • The ceramic seats are a brittle material and have a limited load-bearing capacity, so the possibility of breaking when excessive load rests on them is over 50%, the use of the seats as a stand while using the toilet has been marked as a bad and dangerous habit because it could break at that instant to cause a severe injury to the user.
Safety Observations When Using Toilet
Safety Observations When Using Toilet

I could remember some time ago in the industry I worked, during some of our toolbox meetings; the safety department usually supply the pictures of the hilarious accidents in the toilet caused by the action of climbing on the toilet seats just to make it clear how dangerous such action could be.

Safety Observations When Using Toilet
Safety Observations When Using Toilet
  • Another toilet safety tip released is that toilet users must not rest their weight on the outer edge of the toilet seats. This rule is important when considering the usual shape and design of the ceramic seats which is usually protruded outwards so that the user can have a proper seating position while using them.
  • For that reason, it has been found that seating on the outer edge will make all the weights rest at that point thereby making it possible to break from such section.
  • Therefore, it has become advisable to have proper seating possible while using the toilet seats, and that can be achieved by centering our weight on the seats instead of the outer edge.
  • Another toilet safety tip is to avoid using the ceramic seats directly without the plastic guard usually fixed at its top. The function of the plastic guard is to ensure safe contact between the user and the seats and such contact is not limited to infection control alone but to also create good stability for the user of the seats.
  • The rule, therefore, encourages the users to always wipe the surface of the plastic guard from the presence of any liquid before seating on them.
  • Another important safety tip stated that, if the condition exists that the toilet users must use the seats directly without the plastic guard on it, then the surface of the ceramic seats must be ensured to be dry before seating on its surface.
  • There are numerous reasons for this rule which is from the popular belief for infections control and one of them is that someone might have left a slippery liquid or water on its surface which can make the surface to be slippery hence any unconsciousness could make the user slip into the water pit in the seats.
  • Another safety tip is that toilet users should avoid actions that could make them unconscious while in the toilet and such actions include; making of phone calls, playing of mobile games, or washing videos with a mobile device. These actions could make someone to lose focus easily and make mistakes while using the toilet seats or other toilet equipment.
Safety Observations When Using Toilet
Safety Observations When Using Toilet
  • Another safety tip is that toilet users should not turn the water flusher knob beyond its stop limit. The condition that usually causes the toilet users to take this action is when a little water came out from the flusher after the first turning, rather safety tips recommend we should be sure that enough water is in the flusher before turning it again.
  • And turning the knob with great force and beyond its stop limit will make the metal links created inside the flusher break up thereby rendering the flusher incapacitated.
  • Another safety tip is that individuals with excessive weight should use a weight support technics while seating on the seats, such technics includes holding any poles fixed in the toilet wall, holding ropes, or any structure within the seats to ensure that their entire weight does not rest on the seats because such can risk its cracking. If it is a personal toilet, customization for an individual with excessive weight is necessary.
Safety Observations When Using Toilet
Safety Observations When Using Toilet


The above safety tips were collections of the conditions that could lead to an accident due to the wrong use of the toilet.

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