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Powerful Facts About Roofing Heights & Their Importance For Modern Buildings

metrotiles roofing sheet

Roofing Heights and their importance for modern Buildings

When considering the best way to roof your house you must consider the height the roof will bear. Roofing height is very important because it does not only offer special look to the beauty, it also shelters the house against rain, heat, sun radiations, etc.

Considering the above-mentioned reasons, builders tend to lay a lot of emphasizes on roofing heights.  Irrespective of the type of building, modern styles in Nigeria have made almost compulsory that your house must have at least 9-feet height of roofing on its top. Though this is not a law, but designs and styles made it so.

An aluminum roofing sheet
Modern building with aluminum roofing sheet

The builders know better and will drop more hints to you than this post could offer. First of all, do you know why almost everyone in Nigeria now make their roofing height to be tall? Here are the reasons:


metrotiles roofing sheet
modern house with metrotiles roofing sheet

It offers Quick flush out of water during rainfall, thereby preventing the possibility of leakages on the roof. The idea is so correct that some minor openings in old pattern roofing that can allow water to leak through the roof are not possible to allow water to leak through them in modern roofing with at least 9-feet height.

It prevent interior heat. In old pattern roofing, the inside of the house tends to be hot during hot sunny hours. The heats absorbed by the roof usually find its way into the house. Hence, such houses always record high temperature when the sun is high.

Modern roofing heights counters this effect. In other words, modern roofing height makes your house cooler irrespective of the outside temperature especially sunny seasons

It ensures nothing stays on top of your roof. Yes, the modern roofing height makes it impossible for stone or any object thrown on your roof to remain. The high-inclination of the roof will cause gravity to pull the object down.

Roofing sheets made with zinc tends to rust quickly when stones or metallic objects rests on it especially while rainfall is falling on it. In that case, leaving the object there means quickening the rust opportunity on the roofing sheet. Therefore, the higher the roof, the lesser the chance of such occurrence.

It provides special beauty to the entire building appearance. This is very obvious when you take a look at the modern roofing designs.


 It costs a lot, in other words it is expensive as compared to old patterns of roofing. The modern roofing designs will require more woods than the old design. It will a more experience carpenter to make the skeleton because different modern roofing sheets have different nailing arrangements.

Hence, the wood skeleton that worked for long span aluminum roofing sheet may not work for short span aluminum roofing sheet, the same goes for the Swiss roofing sheets, etc.

It requires time and good planning. Considering the height of the roof, the builder always considers the wind direction in choosing the best roofing design for your building. Hence, wind direction and possible obstruction of the height of the roof are all considered.

The modern roofing designs have the disadvantage of confronting heavy wind resistance. This weakness can be seen on poorly roofed houses when heavy windstorm occurs.

This disadvantage can be majorly be overcome by using the right roofing skeleton for the roofing sheet you want to mount on the roof, using roofing sheets with good thickness,  and using and experience carpenters on roofing of houses.

Another disadvantage of the modern roofing height is its inability to over good look to tall buildings. In other words, tall buildings with many floor ends of using roofing heights that are less than 9-feet.

Adding more height may have other disadvantages against the tall buildings like wind for example. Hence modern builders prefers using roofing heights that does not stay as high as the small houses.


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