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Features of Newly-Invented Retractable Basketball Hoops That Can Aid the Game (+video)

Basketball hoop

Features of The Retractable Basketball Hoops

Basketball is the popular handball that players are expected to drop the ball inside a single net positioned high above the player. The net and its components are called the basketball hoop.

During the game hours, players targets the hoop in the quest to drop the ball into it. The winner is known by many times he/she dropped the ball in the hoop. You will always know basketball field by seeing the basketball hoop positioned somewhere above human height.

Therefore it has become a sign to lovers of the game to know where it is being played. The good thing about the basketball is that it can be played both indoor and outdoor.

However, sometimes, wind can attack the basketball hoop and gets it damaged or angry/offended players can come later and scatter it. In whatever way, there is need to always secure the basketball hoop.

Considering the importance of hoop in the basketball, the need to keep it secure for the players has made it necessary to invent retractable basketball hoop.

What is Retractable Basketball Hoop?

The term is use to describe the basketball hoops that extends out and position itself in the right shape and allow players to use it and afterwards retracts itself by changing shape and entering side a secured place.

The design makes it impossible to detect where the basketball hoop is located in any of the field where he game is played. It is one of the ways of ensuring no one tampers with the hook and ensure it is always available for the players anytime they need it.

How the retractable Basketball Hoop Works

Normally, the hoop is a very simple device. A round-shaped hollow device with net fixed around it. The ball falls through the hollow part when playing the basketball. The device is anchored to the wall using a handle.

However, instead of being statically fixed on the wall, the retractable basketball hoop is made to retract itself whenever it is no longer needed. It moves into a space provided in the wall and covered by cover with similar color of the wall.

The below video shows how the retractable basketball hoop works. Drop your comment and feedback. We will love to hear from you.

Video of the Retractable Basketball Hoops

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