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Simplified Process of Making Chocolate Candies From Cocoa Seeds (Video)

making chocolate candies

Simplified Chocolate Candies Processing You Can Try at Home

If you are a lover of chocolates this post will very useful to you. Many people love chocolates not just because of the taste but rather their nutritional values to the brain but only a few among these regular consumers understand the real source of chocolates and their production process.

There are hundreds of products available today in the provision shops with chocolate included either as part or as a whole ingredient. The products will chocolate inclusion can be sensed from their unique taste. However, these products seem to be expensive.

The fact that chocolate candies and other chocolate products are becoming expensive is the reason why some chocolate lovers cannot afford those products or lower their consumption due to cost.

We will be showing you how you can prepare your own chocolate locally at an affordable cost and use the chocolate to prepare candies and any chocolate mixed products. The idea is to know how the chocolates are made and how you can prepare yours at home and customize the taste to suit your need.

The video below demonstrates the explanation regarding the making of chocolates. It is important to know first of all that chocolate is a product of cocoa seeds powder, with this knowledge at the back of your mind let us proceed to discuss the production processes involved.

Steps in the Process of Making Chocolate Candy From Cocoa Seeds

  1. First, you need to source cocoa in any amount you can afford.
  2. Break the cocoa and obtain all the seeds inside.
  3. Dry out the liquid moisture in the seeds using direct sunlight or any artificial means.
  4. Use a dry frying pan to fry the dried cocoa seeds further to eliminate any form or trace of moisture.
  5. Grind the dried and fried cocoa seeds to powder using a mortar or a blender or any grinding device.
  6. At sweeteners such as sugar or flavor of your choice and grind them together. Ensure they are all in powdered form.
  7. At this stage, you have got your dried chocolate which you can use to make any chocolate product.
  8. For chocolate candy, mix the chocolate powder with a few drops of water and add any of your favorite additives or simply avoid the additives. The new substance should form thick liquid chocolate, pour it on the candy molder. Allow it to spend some minutes to solidify. Once it has solidified your chocolate candy is ready.


There are other products you can make with the powdered chocolate you produced from the cocoa seeds besides the chocolate candies. You can make chocolate ice cream, chocolate sweets, chocolate yogurts, etc. the same chocolate powder can be used as your breakfast tea when mixed with milk and sugar.  

  Video Showing the Steps in the Process of Making Chocolate Candy From Cocoa Seeds

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