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Current Price Of Window Blind In Nigeria (2022 Market Survey)

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Price Of Window Blind In Nigeria

Price Of Window Blind In Nigeria
Price Of Window Blind In Nigeria


The use of window blind is not common in Nigeria and that has affected the demand rate and its selling price.

Besides offices and schools, etc. only a few residential building can be seen using the window blind rather the majority of them make use of the curtain.

A window blind is a form of curtain used mostly in Offices to reduce or prevent the reflection from sunlight or to maintain privacy for those staying in the office.

It is a popular window support material that can be seen in a majority of the public institutions building in Nigeria.

However, some residential buildings in Nigeria may have some windows equipped with the window blind based on certain reasons.


The benefit is not far from that of a curtain in the sense that it creates privacy and help reduce reflection of light either from the interior to the outside or from the outside to the interior.

Window blind offers a quick control method than a curtain and is easier to handle than the curtain.

Whenever the window blind is installed, the window glass may not need to be open for proper illumination from outside light, rather the window blind could be slightly moved to allow the required illumination into the internal surrounding.

Unlike curtain that needs shifting or moving at either side to allow outside view, window blind has ropes that one can just draw to either open or close according to the illumination required. The advanced types have electronic devices that enable it to be used with a remote control or electrical switch control.

Above all, the window blind offers special beauty to rooms, offices, and any other place it is installed.


The window blind is completely different from curtains in terms of features even though they seem to offer the same purpose.

It is usually made with sets of uniformly sliced pieces of plastic, asbestos, or leather, etc. and arranged in an equal spacing sequence from its top to the bottom with one end of it being fixed with two ropes one for opening and the other for closing.

When one end of the robe is dragged forward, it may open the lids of each piece of the window blind by changing their vertical positioning to the horizontal positioning. The further the rope is moved the more horizontal the pieces will be.

For the automatic window blind, the pieces open uniformly once their electronic driving mechanism in the form of the two-directional moving electric motor which may be operating directing with electric switches or with a remote control.


The materials usually employed in the making of the window blind are:

Plastic, Aluminum, wood, leather, special fabric, asbestos and other materials.

Price Of Window Blind In Nigeria
Price Of Window Blind In Nigeria
Price Of Window Blind In Nigeria
Price Of Window Blind In Nigeria
Price Of Window Blind In Nigeria
Price Of Window Blind In Nigeria


 The price of window blind in Nigeria is controlled by lots of factors which include;

The material used in the making of the window blind,

The size of the window blind,

The operating method either manually or automatically,

The ease of maintenance,

The surface beauty of the window blind,

The availability of the type of window blind in the market,

Among other factors.

Based on the market survey, here are the prices of some window blind according to the material they were made from:


It comes in the variety of sizes such as the 25mm and 50mm slats sizes. But the most selling and common of this brand is the 25mm because of its lesser price in Nigeria.

The 25mm slat is between N9,000 to N12,000

The 50mm slat is between N10,000 to N15,000

Price Of Window Blind In Nigeria
Price Of Window Blind In Nigeria


The good thing about this type is the durability it offers provided it stays away from moisture it would last longer than other types. Some made in places like China has special designs on their surfaces which offers special beauty to any place they are installed.

It also comes with two range of slat which are the 25mm and the 50mm slats.

The 25mm slat is between N15,000 to N 25,000

The 50mm slat is between N17,000 to N28,000

Price Of Window Blind In Nigeria
Price Of Window Blind In Nigeria

The above prices can change anytime based on inflation or change of foreign currency values. However, the location and dealer you are making your purchase from will also determine the price.

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