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Scientists Discover A New Smartphone App For High Blood Pressure

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Smartphone App For High Blood Pressure

Professor Mukkamala and colleagues of Michigan State University were able to produce a device that rivaled arm-cuff readings obtainable in most medical high-blood pressure testing tools.

A New Smartphone App For High Blood Pressure
Smartphone App For High Blood Pressure

By leveraging optical and force sensors already in smartphones for taking selfies and employing ‘peek and pop’, the team was able to invent a practical tool to keep tabs on the palm in other to conduct blood pressure tests.

The combination of the smartphone and add-on optical and force sensors played important role in the making of the software high blood testing app.

A report said that the ‘peek and pop’ available to users looking to open functions and apps with a simple push of their finger, is now a standard on some iPhones and included in some Android models.

A paper publication In the journal science translational Medicine earlier this year had the proposed concept made by Professor Mukkamala and his team. The concept revealed an intention for a blood pressure app and hardware.

According to prof. “Such ubiquitous blood pressure monitoring may improve hypertension awareness and control rates, and thereby help reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease and mortality”.

The invention of proof for the concept reveals another special high blood monitoring and testing tool that can accurately read the pressure of the human blood through iPhones and some Android smartphones.

This invention has created hope for most people, as one may not need to rush to the hospital frequently as a result of high blood pressure problems.

The advances in smartphones and improvements in such app can help anyone keep a track of their blood pressure and know when to apply a control measure.

The use of such software may displace the conventional method of testing for high blood pressure both by individuals and hospitals since it appeared to be more accurate and requires a little experience to operate it.

The report provided through the science news publication revealed that the new mobile app may become commercially available before the end of the year 2019. The source said, it still needs testing and validations in a standard regulatory test.

Prof. sees no problem with how fast the app could spread since it is a software tool. Inserting the app into all the smartphones or online app marketing/downloading platforms can make it accessible to anyone within the globe.

The instructions and readings specifications can be provided inside the software. In other words, it is a software tool that anyone can operate for health benefits.

Though the new app is described in a paper journal, its operational sample is yet to be made public but every piece of evidence made available proved a positive result for such an app.

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