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Mashable Unveils New AI Robot That Makes a Pizza Within 12 Seconds

Pizza making robot

Features of the new AI Robot That Makes a Pizza

A team of Engineers at Picnic has built an artificial intelligence robot that can produce 180 18inch or 300 12inch pizzas in just an hour. In other words, the robot makes 180 pizzas that have 18inch wideness within 60minutes. This means that this robot makes a pizza of this size at 3 pieces every 60 seconds.

In the case of the pizzas with 12inch wideness, the robot produces 300 pieces every 60 minutes. This implies that this robot produces 5 pieces of this size of pizza every 60 seconds. This equally implies that it makes 1 pizza of the same size every 12 seconds. That is very fast and could be used to serve a large number of customers in busy pizza-making joints.

The robot has an app that enables users to log in and place a demand for the type of pizza required, the size, and the quantity. Then the robot executes the command by providing the exact pizzas according to the instructions given by the user.  Though Mashable shared the short video clip, the official details of this artificial intelligence robot are available on the picnic website.

The robot has the capacity of changing the whole modern operations in the pizza-making business and introducing an advanced method of automated services and probably reduce the number of staff needed in all the pizza-making enterprises. If the latter is not the case, at least, the staff will have fewer responsibilities since the major job of making the pizza rests on the shoulder of the AI robot.

Robot That Makes a Pizza
Robot That Makes a Pizza

Unlike what had been predicted earlier, the evidence of robots’ dominance and occupying of human jobs is before us. It is time to stretch out our hands and welcome the world of robots.

Besides the picnic pizza-making AI robot, there had been some other Pizza-making AI robots unveiled by different platforms. It has become so popular in the pizza-making enterprise that some modern robots could make quality pizzas that can satisfy their customers’ needs.

Hence, adopting this modern or future dominating technology could help your business stay ahead of its competitors.

There are some modern sophisticated cars with this type of pizza-making robot installed it as part of the features of the car. Besides, this can guarantee a steady and reliable supply of your favorite pizzas anytime you are hungry.

Despite the good number of pizza-making robots unveiled by different platforms, the picnic pizza-making robot seems to be very fast in delivering its service. Imagine an artificial intelligence robot that could make a 12inch wide pizza within 12 seconds, that is an incredible speed and deserve some praise.

Imagine having this type of robot on your occasions, you could serve everyone present with their favorite pizzas within a few minutes.

AI-powered robots are now making pizza

— Mashable (@mashable) October 22, 2020

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