A Mechanical Device For Flat Car Tire During Emergency

What is the Mechanical Device For Flat Car Tire?

A flat tire simply means a tire that has lost its internal pressure due to leakage. Many factors can be responsible for flat tire problems.

One of the ugly experiences in driving a car is to have a flat tire. When a tire gets flat while driving, it usually creates tension especially when the car is at high speed and it will definitely cause the driver to stop the car.

The cause of a flat tire could be a puncture in the car tire’s tube, leakage from the tire valve, or a normal pressure decrease common with Car tires. When any of the problems occur, the car needs to stop for replacement of the flat tire with another good tire.

For the car to continue its journey another Car tire needs to replace it otherwise the tire’s Rim will be greatly affected should the car continues running with the flat tire. Besides, it could lead to major difficulties in driving which could cause accidents.

It is always recommended that every driver should have a spare tire. The spare tire will be used to replace any flat tire during an emergency. The major problem occurs when a driver doesn’t have a spare tire.  This means the flat tire cannot be replaced and the car needs to park there until the flat tire is repaired or a spare tire will be hired. Such could be lead to stress and major challenges.

Considering the challenges associated with flat tire replacements during their emergency occurrence, a new device has been made to address such a problem in the case that you do not have a spare tire.

The main job of this emergency tire-support device is to allow the flat tire to remain in its position while it helps it to run alongside other tires.

By design, It is a mini-mechanical mechanism with three mini-tires which can be referred to as rollers. One of the rollers at the front while the other two are positioned at the back.

The rollers run alongside the other three tires of the car which renders resting support to the flat tire. All the driver needs to do is to position the flat tire on top of the tire support device. This can be done with the help of a car jack.

The flat tire wheel is linked to the emergency support device through screws. This is to ensure higher safety while running the car in an emergency situation.

Though a device like this will not be necessary if you always have spare tires available in your car boot, you can still consider it if you can’t be able to change your car tire without the help of a mechanic or knowledgeable someone. It will help to drive your car to the nearest location where help can be obtained. Fixing the device below your flat tire is easier compared to changing the flat tire.

There are many similar devices you can get in the automobile market aimed at handling emergency situations. All you need is to make a proper selection according to your need.

The video below shows how this device works and how it can be fixed below the flat tire.

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