How To Use Your Android Phone As a Mouse

Understanding How To Use Your Android Phone As a Mouse

Your cell phone can be exceptionally helpful in controlling your pc. For instance, if your mouse quits working under any condition, the portable mouse can assist you with a tip in a crisis.

This post will tell you the best way to utilize your Android phone as a mouse on Windows PCs. This will help you scroll anything on your PC or PC directly from your telephone itself.

The application that we will utilize, Unified Remote, has more than 100 progressed highlights, for example, power on/power off, record perusing, and custom consoles in its Pro version.

Download Unified Remote Server on Windows.

Explore the download interface and pick the most recent version for your PC. The Unified Remote application supports all versions of Windows from XP onwards and is accessible for both 32-and 64-bit stages.

Aside from Windows, the product is likewise accessible for Mac (64-digit in particular), Linux, Raspberry Pi, and Arduino Yún. For Windows, 42 MB of circle space is required.

Whenever you’ve downloaded the application, you can introduce the worker documents and avoid any additional items.

How To Use Your Android Phone As a Mouse

For the mouse cursor to work from your Android phone, you should download driver input simulation, you may likewise introduce the part for joystick simulation. These guidelines are for a Windows PC keyboard and track-pad as they were.

After you select the driver inputs, the establishment will currently begin and You will have the choice to make a Start menu envelope and work area alternate way while adding firewall exemptions.

A security alert From Windows will spring up as you are going to download an outside driver for a mouse/console. Click ‘install’ to continue.

How To Use Your Android Phone As a Mouse

You will see bound together far off in your framework plate when the establishment is finished. Since the worker isn’t begun at this point, it will show a ‘no connection status”. Therefore, we need to install the android application.

Install the Unified remote on android.

You can without much stress download the application from the play store. It supports all forms of android

In the wake of downloading, launch the application and utilize a legitimate Google email address to enlist.

Use Your Android Phone As a Mouse
Use Your Android Phone As a Mouse

On the off chance that the worker was at that point initiated as demonstrated in the past segment, and if the telephone and PC/PC are utilizing a similar Wi-Fi association, you will see a “connected” status.

Use Your Android Phone As a Mouse
Use Your Android Phone As a Mouse

To control the mouse and keyboard from the telephone, go to fundamental contribution to the following screen.

Use Your Android Phone As a Mouse
Use Your Android Phone As a Mouse

When the next screen is shown, you are prepared to begin your perusing movement distantly from the actual telephone.

The controls are easy to utilize: simply look on your telephone’s screen to repeat trackpad/mouse development on a PC or PC.

For a left-click, tap with one finger. If you utilize two fingers, it will prompt a mouse to right-click. To look over the screen, haul with the two fingers. Use squeeze to zoom in or zoom out.

To drag the PC screen, utilize long-press and move, at that point tap once to drag. All the snap highlights are exceptionally natural and will not take long to sort out.

Use Your Android Phone As a Mouse
Use Your Android Phone As a Mouse

Other than Unified Remote, you can utilize another product, Remote Mouse, to also associate a Windows PC using an Android application. We recently showed how it was utilized to work a Mac through an Android telephone.

Reference: Maketecheasier

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